Hi everyone,

Apologies, not been on here for a while, just cant get the hang of the new website malarky!!

ANyway,not sure how to put this, but here goes!

For several months now i have noticed walking in my slippers is hetting harder, sounds daft i know. What I mean is, my right slipper keeps falling off, especially going up and down the stairs, have nearly fallen due to this happening. It probably has nothing to do with the MS, but if anyone can shed any light on this wouldbe really grateful.

LOL! I bet its just my slipper that has got stretched!

Love cxxxx

Hi Elkie,

No you are not going mad.

Happens to me a fair bit only as i shovel along.Then the wife will get me a new pair,witch i hate.

Would not look at a set of stairs.

Not sure if this helps,they do stretch a fair bit,so you might look for a new pair.

Take Care.


Ps the new website you will soon get the hank of it.

HI chris,

Nice to meet you! and thankyou so much for taking the time to respond to my post. Yep! maybe its just a case of needing a new pair!! I hope so anyway.

Take very good care CHris.

LOve cxxxxxxx

I have difficulty with keeping certain types of footware on since I got MS. My worse symptoms are in my feet (numbness and tingling and other strange sensory crap and cramps). I think for me my toes don’t realise they need to grip or don’t grip enough. I wear sort of Ugg like slippers, my partner got them for me from Primark - so they really cheap and they don’t fall off and they keep my feet nice and warm. They also have a rubber sole , which I need as we have a wooden hall floor which is slippery.



Really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.

Know what you mean about the feet! constant tingling and lots of cramp and numbness, its weird as sometimes with the tingling and numbness i dont notice it now unless its not there…if that makes any sense!

Take care J

Love cxxxx


Before I knew, or even suspected I had MS, I was finding that any backless shoe on one foot was slipping off every step I took, just couldn’t keep it on, and that foot was slapping down on the ground each time I stepped forward on it…Now I know it was an ealy sign on MS on what became my ‘bad’ leg. These days I can only wear shoes that my feet can be well strapped into so they can’t come off.


I have difficulty with certain types of slip on shoes or sandals I just can’t walk in them. The ballet slipper type shoes that have made flatties fashionable are no good for me. I need something with a strap that holds firm to my foot. My slippers are boot shaped sheepskin ones which stay put. New slippers or A over T down the stairs???


I have the same problem!

My experience is as Hils describes! I got some slippers that can’t come off - sheepskin boot type things.

When my right leg isn’t being too bad I can wear my old slip-on clog-style slippers. When the leg is really stiff I don’t have the problem because I don’t move quick enough and swing the leg to ‘fling’ my slipper off! But inbetween I’m scared to use the stairs because I have tried to trip myself up by kicking my right slipper off. Which is worse? Falling by tripping yourself up going up the stairs, or falling after tripping yourself up going down the stairs?!?

It was certainly an unexpected MS symptom!


I have narrow feet, so the mule style backless slippers don’t stay on very well, esp on my left foot which is slightly smaller. I’ve taken to wearing my trainers instead of slippers - I have a pair of the furry boot slippers, (I call them my Womble feet), but my bare feet slide about inside them and they have a tendency to eat socks, so I don’t wear them much. I haven’t really found slippers that fit without wearing socks.

Luisa x


Have you thought about it being footdrop? I blamed my shoes for years until I realised my falling over was due to footdrop - doh

Ask your GP if you can be referred to a physio for an assessment just in case

;-o Mary

i wear those socks with a tread. no problem on the stairs and not slippy on the kitchen tiled floor.

nice and warm too.

carole x

Probably just need a new pair. My old ones got to where they were a real danger because they had stretched and been flattened. Slipper socks are much safer IMO.


One of my 1st symptoms was being unable to keep my flip-flop on my left foot! I paid little attention at first but eventually realised that I had to change my footwear for my own safety. I now use flat shoes with bar or t-bar across my foot to keep the shoes on however slippers - FORGET THEM. I’ve found that not wearing anything on my feet at home helps me to feel the floor and allows my feet to pass the messages to my brain! Cold feet - yes; stubbed toes - yes; dirty feet - yes but I still feel more secure withour anything on my feet.

Luv Ann

Hi, sounds like everyone has the same experience as you. We need well fitting shoes and slippers or we could have a nasty accident or two…been there, done that etc.

I have several pairs of pretty flatties, but can`t wear them now, due to my feet swelling.

I tried some lovely strappy sandals…again the straps dug in as my feet swelled up.

I now wear velcro fastening sandals…the type older folk usually wear.

My alternative footwear is a pair of boots.with…yes, velcro fasteners.

Stilettos, mules, wedges…forget em! Oh how we are at the mercy of this chuffin thing!

luv Pollx