Foot up / toe off

Good old NHS. I have problems with my left leg and walking. Was referred to orthotics dept before Christmas and given

a foot up - neoprene anklette with strong elastic attached to laces. As I don’t often wear lace up shoes I found it difficult

to get on with and couldn’t drive with it. When i was wearing laced boots it worked ok and stopped my scuffing my toe.

Today I was fitted with a Toe off - carbon fibre foot/leg brace that puts a spring in my step. Have been trying it with all my shoes and

boots, think its going to be a big help. Asked the orthotics man how much they cost. Nearly £400!!

People should be told how much things cost and then they may appreciate them more.

Anyone else have any experience of either foot up or toe up? Any advice. Think I might have to buy slightly bigger shoes.

Thanks and keep warm,

Jen xx

My favourite device remains the fes, because it actually helps build muscle strength.

You can get an attachment for the foot up, which enables you to wear slip on shoes. Össur. Life Without Limitations.

Hi Jen I’ve got a foot up. Had to buy new trainers to get it to fit as everything I owned was slip own and it’ll only work with lace ups! Not sure it’s doing much but was told by my neuro last week to keep wearing it cos I was dragging my foot without it! Lynne x

Just after I posted this I tripped up over nothing in my hall and went flying. Was carrying a cup of water so the carpet is very wet.

Only thing hurt was my pride. I wasn’t wearing my foot/toe thing ho, hum.

Thanks for suggestions - did get an attachment with my foot up so I can wear it with slip ons but it’s too bulky.

Neuro suggested FES but don’t want to go down that route yet.

Keep walking!

Jen x

Hi Jen, oh Jen, your posts title alarmed me. I thought youd had a toe amputated! Phew! So glad that wasn`t the case!

Glad to hear you find the gadget helps.

Fallen? Sounds like you need to wear it all the time, eh?

Hope you didnt hurt yourself.

In the days when I was still walking, I had an orthesis made for me, as I was falling a lot, due to foot drop. it was horrendous to use. it was a rigid plastic thing, which fitted the back of my leg and around my foot, with tight straps to keep it in place. It dug in the back of my knee.

I couldnt get any shoes on and had to buy bigger sized sandals, which still didnt make using it any better.

luv Polllx

Ooh, how fascinating! No particular opinion about foot-up v. toe-off.

But here’s an interesting video about the difference between a standard splint and a toe-off (though it’s produced by the makers of the “step smart” toe-off, so is probably just a little biased):

My money’s still on a FES because of its muscle building potential. Once the muscle’s gone…

Lolli xx

FES for me.

My experience with the foot-up was that it worked for about 50 yards if someone else tightened the strap round my calf. When I tried to do it myself, the thing slid straight down to my ankle at the very first step - so it did not lift my foot at all.

In my area, orthotic service is done by a private company (the Chocolate Teapot Co, or something like that), and I gave up on them after the second appointment.