Foot Up

Afternoon all. I read on here somewhere about using a foot up device. I use a FES but take it off about 6pm and then struggle around if I want to walk down the garden. I also find the electrodes cause a bit of irritation in the hot weather so thought maybe I would try this other thing. I know someone posted about it but can’t for the life of me remember who or where it was. What I really wanted to know is if it is worth trying one as I don’t want to waste my time and money if they are not very good. Sorry to repeat the question should have taken more notice when I last read it, probably wouldn’t have remembered it anyway!

If you put, foot up , in the search box all sorts of stuff comes up Bertie

I have a foot up. It works best with lace up shoes or trainers. There is a piece which goes round the ankle, so it’s a bit hot and uncomfortable in hot weather. I find it pretty effective though.

I got mine from the NHS and they provide a replacement once a year.

I’d been referred to the community OT and physiotherapist following a fall, they in turn referred me to Orthotics who provided it.

See if your GP or MS nurse, if you have one (I’ve never seen one of those in 13 years!) will refer you to Orthotics.

i believe there’s a newer version available now, but I don’t know anything about it.


This is the website for Foot-up: Foot-Up® | Dorsiflexion Drop Foot Brace | I believe you can purchase them from that company who sells everything on line - the name rhymes with Hammerton.

Theres also a similar device called a Boxia: BOXIA A.F.O. DROP FOOT | Orliman again available from those same Jamathon people.

It seems there’s another one called Rebound too. I’ve not tried that.

I’ve got the lot, FES, Foot-up and Boxia as well as a SAFO. I’ve had real trouble walking just lately so I find that it’s not really worth the trouble of putting the FES on. So Boxia and Foot-up have come out again. The Foot-up is OK for a short while, but the elastic attached to the plastic inlay gets a bit fatigued. In many ways, the Boxia seems superior. But as my walking is so limited at the moment, I’m not certain you’d be able to wear it for a long time.


I’ve used the SAFO for over 10 years and it’s fantastic for my dropped foot.


Afternoon all. I very rudely forgot to thank you all for your advice, don’t know how that happened, I do apologise. I purchased a foot up, to long to wait for one from NHS. It works very well and I’m very pleased with it especially as the warm weather was making the FES electrodes a bit tricky for my skin. Anyway, I now have the choice when I get up of which one to wear, the excitement is almost too much! Thank you once again much appreciated.

The information sheet from Odstock on skin irritation is quite useful and mentions a mild steroid cream called Eumovate, which can help.