Boxia - new foot-drop device

Hello all

A couple of months ago, my FES unit stopped working. (There was a problem with a plug hole!) As a result, my tiny bit of daily walking stopped. So I was talking to my lovely physiotherapist (I don’t quite know how it is that I have such nice medical professionals - I’m very lucky) and said maybe she could get me a new ‘Foot-Up’ for such times as the ones I had are all knackered. She suggested instead that she get me a Boxia. Which she did. And she delivered it yesterday.

And it’s great, way better than a foot up, it is the same sort of idea, a cuff goes around your ankle and a stretchy thing attaches to your shoe. But it’s a much better stretchy thing. A better way of sticking the cuff and shoe together. And a better cuff, even the Velcro bits are better. I might even use it sometimes instead of the FES, rather than just holding it as a reserve.

If you use an AFO or Foot-Up, or nothing but have foot drop, try searching for Boxia. They sell them on that site which rhymes with Jamathon, but they are sourced from another company, which I also searched for (I think the company who make them) and they’re cheaper and post free.

Obviously I’ve only just got the thing, so don’t know how it will stand up over time, but today I’m really impressed.


I always wear a foot up as an emergency solution should my fes fail, but this definitely falls into the “better than nothing” category, so will take another look at a Boxia. Thanks for the tip.

Hello. Haven’t been on here for a few days and just saw this.

I posted previously about my FES; hated it with a passion and couldn’t bear to try it again. I had my appointment at the Walking Clinic at Queen Square on Wednesday morning. I told the neurophysio about my experience and she tried something else with it (reducing it to one wire) but I told her that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get on with it and thanked her for all her help. I was asking her about the private ones (Walkaide and also the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti) and she gave me some printouts to read but I haven’t done it yet.

Had an appointment that afternoon with my usual neurophysio. When I explained to her what had happened, she immediately suggested trying an Orliman Boxia AB01.For some reason the one I saw in the morning hadn’t mentioned this. So I went home wearing it and she told me to practice wearing it round the house and then go out with it. It’s pretty straightforward (unlike the infernal wires of the FES) but you can only wear it with proper shoes or trainers and not my new Hotter sandals or my FitFlops, which is a bit of a pain. However I’m going to have a good crack at it.

I also found this company in Northampton who are neurophysios primarily but do fit these sort of devices so I need to have a good look at that. I’d like to find somewhere where you can have a trial for perhaps a few days.

I want to look at all of them. I understand that you have to have them fitted by a trained professional.


Hi Louise

Please keep us updated as I would be really interested to know which device you settle on. A boxia might be of partial help, I have a footup as backup. Unfortunately I need the muscles in my thigh stimulated as well as the lower leg. I did not realise there were other options, apart from FES, out there so I will have to do a search and see what I can find.

Are you only looking for a device for foot drop?


Yes, just foot drop. Haven’t looked at the stuff yet but will report back!


Yes, just foot drop. Haven’t looked at the stuff yet but will report back!


Bless you guys for your positivity, I get down sometimes at PPMS forum and thought I’d try ‘every day living’. I am jolly well off to have a lookat Boxia. M xx

Well, welcome to the alternative to the PPMS corner. We are very glad to have anyone here who includes hearts with their messages!! And the Boxia is good. A much better option (imo) than a Foot-up.


I have been using the boxia for the last 6 months and find it does the job really well. Couldn’t get on with the FES plus I had to fund it myself.

The downside is I can’t wear my slip on shoes anymore but hey ho!

Upside is I can now walk without tripping. Pity it can’t make you work any further.

Mags xx

Have you tried the shoeless attachment?

The footup has updated the design and that has a no shoe option that works well. The boxia would not work for me as I wear orthotics. Sue

Thanks for that Whammel I will look into it.

Mags xx