foot up

Hi, My physio referred me for a foot up, and I got it today. It feels really odd not scraping my foot on the floor any more. I am just hoping that I will be able to do my physio better, cos when I walked up the stairs I could only manage half of them before I went back to one step at a time! She has also given me a tri walker, and am hoping for a decent half an hour tomorrow so I can try venturing out to the shop on my own. Today the weather has been very wet so I couldn’t go out, just in case I fell! Fingers crossed! Lynne x

Hi Lynne! What is a foot up? My left leg drags and as a result my left foot. I currently use two sticks. Really interested in this. Thanks Strudders

Is this a velcro strap that goes just above the ankle and attaches by a small strap to the laces on a trainer? If so my physio bought one round for me but it was the wrong size :frowning: jax

hi Jax, yes it is what you have seen. I had to go to the orthotics department to make sure I got the right one,cos the physio wasn’t sure what size I needed. But luckily my hospital is nearer than the physio’s clinic, so that was OK! Lynne x

Not sure if it will be any good for me as I have trouble lifting my leg let alone my foot, When she comes back with the right size I will give it a go jax

Ask your specialist if he will refer you so you can be fitted for a SAFO boot. If he does it will cost you nothing. I think paying privately is about £800 :o Have a look at the video clips here - I used to catch-my-feet when I used to walk, but since wearing the SAFO I don’t…still get fatigue though :x

Hi Lynne I have had my foot up for a few weeks now and it has really helped, that and a triwheeler see me moving at almost normal speed - don’t try and rush to start with, build up slowly and in no time you should be nipping along! Clare :slight_smile:

I got my footup back end of last year, used it for a good 6 months and now I can manage without, although sometimes do trip still. I think its helped me greatly for without I too would have tripped all the time, especially when tired. My neuro physio gave me lots of foot, ankle, leg exercises which I followed daily and Im due back to see her Thursday hoping she will notice a vast difference. Think its a case of sticking with it and doing the exercises given. For me it was the best thing since sliced bread. Plod on and Im sure youll get lots of benefits. Take care, bren x :wink:

Hi again. It is now 24 hours after I got the foot up, and although it seemed strange wearing shoes all the time, WOW! What a difference already. I am now sitting without it (just had a shower so not fully dressed) I am missing it! When I went upstairs for my shower, I got to the top of the stairs, and I realised I had walked up the stairs ‘normally’! When I came back down stairs in pjs dressing gown and slippers, no foot up, I was struggling. Think I’m going to put it back on, it is a really odd feeling being without it. How can you miss something you have only had for a day! Lynne x

I would not be able to wear shoes all day an hour is enough. When she came round she also had another strap the same as the ankle strap which goes under your foot which are then clipped together so I could wear it indoors jax

I’ve just had a look on maker’s website, and that extra strap is £31, so I am going to order one, they sound ideal. Lynne x