walking gait

Hi, Quick question I feel like when I walk im walking slightly different, seem to be going over slightly into the side if my foot? Its the left leg and the right side of my foot? Anyone have a similar problem and are there insoles that may correct it or make me walk better. You can’t tell as such but I can feel it. Thanks x x

i have a walking gait with my right leg, mum has it aswell altho its thru a different condition, she got a insole from the physio she saw at the time, they measured her foot and moulded a insole for her to go in her shoe, it does help her alot, if you have a physio id ask him/her about it

Thanks I have physio tomorrow so will ask. Its a private physio so will they still do that? Do you have an insole? X

i think that any good physio will get it sorted out for you, i dont have a insole, but my ms nurse i saw is refering me to a physio and asked if i had a foot splint as i get drop foot at times which is annoying, i can call mum in a bit to find out more about the insole and pm you to let you know about it

Thank you. Thats very good of you…i might be wrong in thinking I’m walking this way but im certain I am however it could jusy be the m.s itself or both! Haha. X

haha no problems, ill give mum a call in a hour them pm you with the details, with her insole it stops her ankle from rolling in aswell as she has nerve damage in both feet and legs, so altho shes in pain all the time with that, she cant actually feel if shes walking wonky unless we say, the physio suggested a foot splint for her till he found out shes got nerve damage as it would cause more pain for her, she cant wear sandals of like flippy floppy shoes, mainly lace ups and shoes that have elastic going across the foot to keep her foot in and insole in aswell, you cant tell shes got a insole as it just fits inside the shoe

I have a dropped foot which goes a bit wonky. My physio sorted me a foot up splint and i saw a podiatrist who made me insoles for both shoes. Got referred to Podiatrist through GP but my physio would have done a similar job I believe. Sole insets in my shoes combined with foot up splint really help

Ask the physio to check for three things - you can have any or all of them (or none):

  • Babinsky’s Sign (the big toe curls upward)
  • Dropped foot
  • A fallen arch

If you have only just noticed this, early correction may well be possible.

Note that Babinsky’s Sign is really an indicator of a spinal problem, but it can start to affect the rest of the foot.
If it’s the ball of the big toe (or the same place on the shoe) that is rubbing on the ground, then this could be the start of a dropped foot. There is no ideal fix for this - the “Foot-up” and similar devices all determine what sort of shoes you can wear, FES has wires running up your leg (OK with trousers, not so OK otherwise). A splint may restrict your choice of shoes as well.
A fallen arch can usually be fixed with a custom made insole (again restricting your choice of shoe, somewhat) but if you have this and an FES, then there can be problems getting the heel switch to operate properly. (I am currently waiting on a referral to the Orthotics Dept at Odstock Hospital - who work closely with the FES Department - for just this problem. The local Orthotics people were in the Chocolate Fireguard class when it came to looking at my problem - but then this service was provided by a private contractor).

I hope that your physio can at least identify the cause of the problem and send you in the right direction.


Thanks guys. Ive been studying my foot and is like I position it more to the right rather than straight! Weird! Seeing physio today so will mention it. X. X

Good luck, lisalou. Xx

Thanks x

-Ive been issued with foot inserts via hospital foot department, got mine for flat feet and walking gait. Boy do they help a lot, correcting the foot for standing, walking and spring. I do suffer dropped foot on the right hand leg, but even that has improved. Ask your gp for a referral and neuro physio who can also help with exercises to help.

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Thanks Bren…I shall do that. X