numbing top legs

ok so heres a wierd one, the top part of my legs are starting to go numb, like someones giving me a dead leg, but if anything touches my legs it hurts really bad, my foot is starting to drop when i walk aswell so i end up dragging my foot when i walk, i spoke to my ms nurse about it and he says its all part of having ms and not to worry about it, but couldnt say if it will go away after a while or if it will stay like it as he honestly doesnt know, which i understand as really no one knows if things will go or stay, do i talk to the physiotherapist or the occupational therapist about a foot splint? or will a foot splint help? i have no idea about this one as this is a new one for me, so any help or suggestions to which i should call on monday would be helpful


I had a foot splint which fitted under the tounge of my shoe, but worked loose after 200m. I now have a SES foot lifter which stimulates my muscles to lift the foot and switches off when my foot is on the ground. The effect wears off after time.


i had some insets made for me to put in my shoes

but i have found that those trainers that are off centre (reebok easy tone are the cheapest)

work for me because they make you pick your feet up

carole x