Pain in my ankle and problems walking barefoot

Does anyone else get this. I went barefoot today round the house for the first time in years. It was much harder to walk than in my trainers or slipper boots - I really had trouble putting any weight on my right ankle. My trainers don’t support my ankle, though…


I have this problem at moment actually and have been having it for many months now. So I made an appointment with a Podiartrist and he thinks its something called PLANTIS FASCITIOUS - plz excuse my speling.

Its something to like a sprain of the tendons etc on the un derside of the foot and this effects different parts of body then. Hence the pain in the an kle.

Anyway, he has know referred me to a specialist regarding this as he thinks that i need a special insole to help relieve pressure n pain etc n help it to heal.

Anyway HTH hun n let me know how u get on with ur stuff plz?

God Bless

Anna x

I don’t know if I’m going to do anything about this because I’m OK as long as I’m wearing something proper on my feet. I did try on some sandals last week and my walking was terrible in them as well. Bit sweaty in trainers at the moment but I can manage.

I get this and was referred to an orthotist - someone who does prosthesis and such I think, and he made me some insoles for my shoes, as Anna said, it could be plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the tendon that runs from the ball of your foot to your heel. I had to start with basic insoles he gave me and then we’ll progress to some that should help my balance too - apparantly I won’t tolerate them immediately, we have to get the tendon right first. So far so good - it may be worth seeing gp and getting a referral. Min x