Plantar Fascitis

Hi Everyone

I just wondered if anyone had ever had Plantar Fascitis (excuse the spelling). Its a swelling or inflamation of the nerve that runs along the bottom of your foot and is incredibly painful.

I have had a problem with my right foot for about a week now, yesterday it got so bad I could not bare any weight on it at all. Couldnt get GP appt for about 2 weeks so hubby suggested we go to our minor injuries unit. Went up there the nurse looked, poked and prodded and after about 2 minutes decided that it was plantar fascitis and can take up to 2 weeks to heal. I had no reason to doubt that at all. Problem is that today it is both of my feet that are painful and its travelling up to my ankles. When I sit down they are fine a very dull ache at most, I can move everything around fine, squeeze it, hit it with no pain but standing or attempting to walk is horrific.

Has anyone had this before? I dont know if its normal to get it in both feet and this is now making me doubt what the nurse said and make me think maybe this is MSey. I have recently switched from Tysabri to Gilenya. Or maybe my other foot is now hurting because I am over compensating.

I dont know if I should phone my ms nurse, or wait it out for the 2 weeks to see if it goes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My internet access at home is rubbish so if anyone replies I may not thank you until Monday when I am back at work, please dont think I am ignorant.

Thanks for reading


Hi Hayley

It’s agony isn’t it? I suffered from it about 6 months ago after wearing completely flat shoes and sandals. I could hardly walk and if I got up through the night, I almost fell over with the pain when I put my feet on the floor.

A few things that helped me:

In the morning when I get up, I lean against the wall and go on my tip toes for about 10-20 seconds and repeat a few times - this helps to stretch the muscle and makes it slightly easier to walk. I have had to throw all of my flat dolly shoes and sandals out as walking in them was too painful. I now have fitflops and Joya shoes and the change in my feet is amazing. I am almost pain free now. You need a little height to your shoes and support, maybe good trainers would help. This is my personal experience but I really hope it helps you a little.

Best wishes


I had that years ago and long before neuro symptoms. I had an MRI and PF was diagnosed. I had it in both feet and had foot splints to wear at night. It lasts longer than 2 weeks for me (6 months to be precise!

Moyna xxx

I had it years ago in one foot. The pain started in my heel. My son is a doctor and he told me what it was. I just rang GP and she agreed with him. Had a course of anti inflammatories and it started to go away two days later. It was extremely painful.


Hello Haley

I thought you might find this article helpful.

Good luck xx

Hi Haley. l had it about 2 years ago it was very painful l was told to put a ice pack on the heel for 20min two to three time a day and stand on the bottom step of the stairs and drop the heed, after about 3 weeks l had a injection in heel the pain went away after about a week.

Good luck with it regards Jan xx

Special insoles for your shoes will help with this - l went to a local physio group and they made me insoles moulded to the shape of my feet - made such a difference to my walking. Ankle/knees/hips and lower back all appreciate having the foot arch properly supported. lt cost me £68 - but since then l have bought a couple of sets from Amazon - google lnsoles for plantar fasciitis amazon.

l like the half foot ones as they fit into my shoes better.

Thanks so much guys - I knew I would get some useful info here. I will try all of the above, i am ready to try anything. I did read that stretching it will help but not much else. It is horrific! And now my husband has shingles so we are currently arguing the toss about who gets out of cooking tonight! The shingles hasn’t affected his feet tho so surely it’s him,

thanks so much again xx

Hi Hayley, yes I’ve suffered with this and yes it is agony. I found what really helped me was to freeze some water in a drinks bottle then roll my foot over and back like you would a rolling pin. Give it a go. Certainly did me good. All the best. xx Julie xx