heel pain

Here we go again, I had to take my son to the walkin centre this morning its only 5min walk from where we live, however its far enough for me at the moment!!! Came back after seeing a nurse regarding my son, I felf like a “Old Woman” I am only 46 and I walk so slow. What is making me walk like I do is the pain in my heels and ankles it is always there, if I touch it and press my heel with my fingers it hurts, but also can ease the pressure that I feel.

My son also noticed how I walk and bless him he kept asking if I was ok, so painful. I feel I am always at the GP with yet another symptom!!!

Forever taking painkillers, but they just dont work, does anyone on here have this kind of pain?

Jan x

Hi Jan

I get this have had it it for ages :frowning:

i walk on the inside of me feet so i thought it was probably to do with this but also for the last 7/8wks the underside on the outer edge of my left foot has been sort of numb (i say sort of cus i can still feel things, like if u had a plaster on and u can feel sensations thro the plaster)

Hope u find some sort of relief soon hun :slight_smile:

Lou :slight_smile:

Hi Lou, It is so painful I can hardly walk, also noticed this is just happened today my toes have gone numb…I dont have MS not sure what the hell is going on. I had MRI and that came back as non-specific and the neuro wanted to wait and see…

My GP is sending me to a clinic regarding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I will have to wait and see!!!

Jan xx

My dad had the pain you are describing and it was an actual problem with his heel Plantar Fas(something or other).

Might be worth a trip to the gp as it may not be your ms. He had an injection that lasted many years before he had to have it again.


Plantar fasciitis … I think!!! My hubby has it…ouch, ouch. He got special insoles and had physio which helped a lot.

Thats the one thank you and there are things they can do to help.

Make that appt because if it is something mechanical it would make a nice change to find something the gps know how to deal with.


Thanks I will go and see my GP, yes it will be good to ask them something and they can give us a answer.

Jan x