Foot pain :(

This last couple of weeks I’ve developed really painful feet, mainly my heels. It’s not tingling or burning, more like a really bad bruise that hurts when pressed (or when I walk!). It’s much worse in the mornings or after sitting for a length of time. I’ve had reflexology treatments every 2 weeks for over 4 years, and today was the first one that’s ever hurt :frowning: I almost told her to stop, but she didn’t focus on the tender parts for long. Also during the treatment I go to my ‘happy place’ and the effort to talk is too much!

Much advice online seems to focus around’ burning’ sensations or other sensory symptoms. I realise this may also be sensory, but it feels more ‘physical’ for want of a better word. (Don’t want that to sound like I’m brushing off sensory symptoms- I suffer with them elsewhere in my body constantly and it’s horrendous!!!)

anyway just wanted a moan. I just had to hobble around to find my phone charger, swearing loudly at every step due to the pain! Grrrrrrrrrr

Hi, I’m recently diagnosed, but I’ve had that sensation on and off for a few years. I was diagnosed with plantar fasiitis. Your symptoms sound similar, but obviously it could be something else. If it is that, there’s lots that can be done to relieve the symptoms. Check it out with your GP x

Thank you, I will do. How are you coping after your diagnosis? Here if you want to chat. I’m 2 years in and still feel ‘new’ to it.

Thank you x. I’ll PM you tomorrow. I’m coping fine (thank you). I’m a pragmatic soul, I worked in healthcare for years & there’s lots of diagnoses I’d rather not have. I’d obviously prefer not to have MS, but hey ho, I’m just getting my head down, reading lots & not being defeatist. It helps massively that I’ve hardly any symptoms, but I get it, & I know that it won’t be that way forever x

Yes it does sound like Planter Fasititis I had it years ago and I know how painful it is my doctor advised rolling a tennis or golf ball under your feet for 10 minutes every day whilst sat down, there are also innnersoles that can be bought for your shoes whilst waiting for the balls to take effect,I think mine took about six weeks to finally go

good luck


Thanks Ann I’ll give that a go x