Painful foot nerve pain???

I’ve had a very painful left foot. Self referred to Neuro physio who didn’t think it was MS related. I saw regular physio who seemed to think I had planta fasciitis. I’ve been doing the exercises and icing etc. I’ve bought the recommended foot supports. This last week it’s getting worse. I’ve started having a deep nerve pain in my heel which just comes on out of the blue and lasts 20 seconds but omg it takes my breath away. Does this sound as though it could be MS related. I feel like I need a walking stick on times.



I get this as well. It doesn’t last long but it is so painful, really takes your breathe away. Not sure if it is MS related but I am starting to think it is.

Mags xx

Yes I think so as well. It’s sooooo painful x

You don’t say if you have been dx with MS but nerve pain in the feet is a symptom of MS but there again it is hard to say one way or another. It could be something else that is causing it. Do hope it feels better soon.



Yrs Janet I was diagnosed in April RRMS. Not on meds as of yet as my MS is sensory. It’s very painful though x

In that case I would probably say it is MS related. But I’m no doctor just a fellow sufferer. Best wishes.