Footwear Advice Needed

Hi, I tend to walk around the house in bare feet because I find socks or shoes cause me to trip over my own feet because of the friction when my feet drag along the carpet. However, walking in bare feet all the time makes the soles of my feet very sore and I get friction burns on my toes. When the kitchen floor gets dirty (tiles), it’s like walking on Velcro. My feet stick to the tiles and it makes getting around in there very labour intensive. I’m also forever cutting my toes on sharp bits that people have brought in from outside on their shoes. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can put on my feet to protect them? Using a wheelchair seems like the using-a-sledge hammer-to-crack-a-nut approach. Thanks, Heather

Hello Heather, do you have a foot brace/support of any kind? I was given one for me left foot from orthotics at my local hospital. This was arranged through a physio, although it can also be done via GP, MS nurse or neuro. I have the lightest of canvas, velcro shoes which help. Walking however is now a major focus of my staying safe regime, aimed at minimal pain and inconvenience.Best wishes. Steve.

Hi Heather,isn’t it lovely and the weather ain’t bad either.Through personal experience I can tell you that your feet will be bigger than they should be 'cos you don’t wear shoes as much.I reckon you can wear anything which is comfortable and provides a bit of confidence.So, no high heels,flip flops or wheelies.

Mr Snore gives good advice

Be lucky,

Wb x

ps 'Cos it’s warm your feet shouldn’t be that cold but that will change and it’s something to be mindful of