Flooring choices for foot drop/walking problems

We currently have carpet in most our home and lino in kitchen/bathrooms but it is getting ready for a change. With my foot drop and walking problems, I was wondering if people had found any type of flooring better/worse for walking on. I sometimes use my stick to get around and am better bare foot than in shoes.

I vote for bare feet and smooth flooring. I’ve found I have more trouble on carpeting.


i have laminate, just a large rug in the sitting room. laminate is fab it works two ways is easy to walk on and cool under foot. I never wear shoes in doors i cant lift my foot up with the weight. i did do a post on my failed orthotics visit. I dont have foot drop, mine just wont lift properly and one toe is in permant spasm upwards.

I dont have a lot of furniture either lol. cant do with clutter as i trip over things. but laminate works well for me, and vinyl in the kitchen and in my wet room have special flooring. I found less dust without carpet too. oh yes also i use a rollator indoors.

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Thank you so much! I was wondering if it would be too slippery so great to know!

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A smooth surface like vinyl/laminate works best for me and definitely not carpet.
Have you looked into getting FES for the drop foot problem?
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) | MS Trust

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I’m just glad to see all the people who go barefoot! I do it even outside (when I’m at home), and I’ve had to explain to all the relatives that it’s just so much easier to walk when I don’t have shoes on. I thought I was an oddity.

Thanks. Yes, I had a FES assessment but even turned up to 98 I could feel it (ouch!) but it wasn’t working.
I have an AFO and shoes to wear that fit the AFO but I wear that more when I am out as I can’t put them on myself.

I always loved walking barefoot and I go out in the garden, put the bins out etc barefoot too.

Except in snow, I wear soft-sole moccasins when I have to wear shoes. It’s the next best thing to being barefoot!

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My parents have really deep pile carpet in their lounge and it’s dreadful for me to walk on! I have wooden floors and Karndean and that is fine :+1:

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I’ve been looking at Karndean specifically. Thank you!