Help! Need comfortable shoes for evening do.

Hi All

Sorry to be a bit trivial, but I have an evening do next week and cannot get out of it. I’ve got the dress and floaty over top sorted but no shoes!

For the last few years I’ve worn nothing but desert boots or slippers and none of my proper shoes fit. I waddled around town today - clarks, evans, bhs etc. but found nothing. I’m looking for really comfortable flat shoes suitable for evening wear. I’m thinking black suede and probably need a wide fitting. Anyone know any good online shops for such things?

Also does anyone else feel that the shops are full of expensive rubbish?


Hi juniper, Davina has a lovely range off ballet + pumps in the next catalogue,you can order a few + return what’s not needed. Julsiexx

i have bought a few ‘hotter’ shoes and found these to be very comfortable and secure, they are expensive but to be truthful I don’t buy the same amount of shoes that i did in the past, due to them no longer being comfortable

Thanks for the suggestions Trish and Julsie - I’ll go take a look.

Cosyfeet arent perhaps the most stylish but if you need something with wide fittings the do do a wide range and also have extension straps where necessary.

For everyday where shoes are a must they might have something

next do wide fit and xtra wide fit. also a website called vivaladiva do wide fit shoes, and new look also do wide fit

My problem is just the opposit, I find them all too wide. I also need a strap across the top to keep my left one on my foot, this brings another problem as I have a very high instep (my dad’s fault he had one too), so find the shoe with the right width doesn’t have a long enough strap.

Good luck with your search and have a wonderful time.


Thanks for the suggestions Pip and Chelsey. I’ve looked at all suggested sites and must admit I have not found anything I like that looks as if it would suit. I do have a pair of suede boots that might just do, though they do get a bit uncomfortable now after a few hours and are a little heavy for evening wear, still being 50 no one is really going to be worried about what I wear!

Sorry to hear you too have problems with shoes, Ann, I to find shoes can come off, I suppose my toes aren’t gripping enough.



Hi Juniper and Ann

Not sure if this will help with your search for shoes but ballroom dancers sometimes wear clear straps to stop their court shoes coming off

I own a dancewear shop and I have thought of trying these myself as I too find that flatter shoes like ballet pumps tend to slop off ( I have resorted to sewing flesh coloured elastic onto a pair before now, just to keep them on!)

Lynne x

Gabor do some nice pumps in wide fittings. I find their shoes very comfortable and not as depressingly old-lady as some.



I can always find something suitable for every occasion from Famous Footwear. I normally browse instore every now and then but they do sell online. They sell comfortable shoes and not all their styles are old ‘granny’ style. They also do wide fittings. Like Ann, I have to go for Mary-Jane’s or T-bars as I have narrow feet and most shoes slip off unless they are securely strapped on. I hope you find something you like, I always feel shoes are the finishing touch to an outfit and why should we miss out just because we need comfortable footwear. Happy hunting


Clarks have some lovely shoes and sandals. I’ve just checked their Web Site, they have Wide fitting ones too.

Good luck finding a pair and hope you enjoy the Evening out.