in need of shoes

I know this is very trivial, but does anyone know where i can get some flat shoes suitable for a ball?

I have to attend a work function with my husband (purely work). For the last few months I have only worn flat boots/shoes as my balance has been so poor, but last night tried on my ballown and heeled shoes. Sooo not funny! Anyway tried to persevere thinking I was just not used to wearing them recently. No improvement, seems I need to whole of my foot on the ground to stay stable?? My right foot/leg is weak anyway, so have decided heels are a no go this year, if I want to stay upright!

Does anyone know where I can get suitable flat ball shoes from that still look nice?


There’s a nice shoe website called Viva La Diva that I use for fashionable wide shoes of all sorts, they may have something suitable on there? (they don’t just sell wide shoes there’s all sorts on there and lots of brand names). It is a problem with functions and work clothes like skirt suits as these type of clothes tend to look not quite right without a heel of some sort. I go for nothing more than a one inch heel for occasions like this and use my stick for balance but it doesn’t make you feel very glamorous!

Best of luck and kindest regards


I hope you find something.

I don’t have any recommendations, but I can certainly relate. Sometimes, I’m thankful I haven’t been invited to any swanky dos recently, because I’m not sure I could go, if I can’t find an answer to the shoe problem.

I have only worn trainers and lace-up walking boots for years. I do have a pair of glittery kitten-heels I could still wear to a party about a year ago, but it was quite painful then, and I’m not sure I’d try it today.

Like you, I have to have some kind of support, which makes spangly flip-flops out of the question.

I honestly fear I will never look glamorous again. I’ve got beautiful dresses I can’t ever wear, because of the footwear dilemma.



Hi, Vivaladiva website is great, and also try Next, they do some great shoes too. You may find you wedges easier to cope with if you still want a bit of hight, as all of the bottom of your foot is supported.

I hope you find something and have a great time!

Type in beaded flat sandals,to google, you will get loads of results and probably find the right colour. or try Dune or even jeff Bains if they are for a one off. it is probably a bit late in the year for sandals, they all have boots in now, you could also look at QVC ‘last clicks’ they may have prevous seasons stock