I am after some advice pls, on womens evening shoes.

I want to try and get some new womens’ evening shoes and was wondering if any of you guys know of any good/appropriate shops/websites to try pls?

I have MS and obviously Pre MS, I would have gone for ‘Heels’ but know I can’t /shouldn’t really :frowning:

However, I still want something that looks good and will suit tights too. Ty in advance for any help given



hi anna

i have never been able to wear heels.

the last time i tried was my 21st (i’m now 60) and i fell all the way down the stairs at tiffany’s nightclub.

fortunately the stairs were carpeted and had no sharp corners.

the only damage was to my pride, when the doorman shook his head sadly!

maybe a kitten heel would suit you.

carole x

Same here. Never really did big heels. After the MS graduated to kitten heels at best. Now flats only and those that fasten with velcro. Why kill your feet for an evening when you can be comfortable?

M & S do a good selection and in a wide range of sizes. When it comes to shoes, I have to try them on. So no online shoes for me. With xmas coming up obviously the glam stock is IN now.

Matalan also good. Really depends on your style - and size.