Need advice on shoes and slippers

Hi still waiting on my neuro appointment coming through, I have suffered balance problems for years so use crutches a lot now I have dropped foot and I keep falling more it looks like the only footwear that helps is my trainers can I please have some suggestions for slippers and outside shoes so I can wear skirts and not always jeans or leggings.

Sadly, I can’t help with shoe advice, but there are some things that can help with balance and foot drop.
The best solution to foot drop I have found is FES and your GP can refer you for assessment.
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) | MS Trust

Get a physio to check you out and suggest some muscle strengthening exercises to help with balance. Some work on core stability can often lead to improvement.

Core stability exercises (a pilates type approach) | MS Trust

Apologies if you know this stuff already.


Hiya - like you I’ve had MS for many years and struggle with walking.

I buy bootie slippers, but I have to try them on first to make sure I can walk in them!

Have given up with shoes and boots as find trainers are the best thing to walk in! I have several pairs in different colours and find they are perfectly acceptable when wearing a dress or skirt!

Hope this helps!

Sue xx

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If trainers are ok for you, then maybe some Ecco’s shoes might be suitable, such as Ecco soft (as shoe or bootie) or Simpil? Or some of the Padder’s range which are more affordable usually than Ecco? The shoes of both tend to be very comfortable, fit like a glove. The only issue (for me) is the soles are fairly thin, and though amazingly comfortable, are no good in the winter as I have poor circulation. I had Ecco soft booties 40 years ago, and they are still making them!

Also Rieker, Skechers, Josef Siebel.

Trainers and sneakers are trendy these days with skirts, all the models seem to wear them.


Good suggestions. I like your point about thin soles. Thick soles like trainers are bad for me because it is harder work to lift my drop foot/knee/hip clear of the carpet pile that is so often my nemesis. Thin soles are definitely safer. For me, the thicker the sole, the more likely I am to catch my toe on the carpet and go arse over tit.

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Thanks so much for all your suggestions

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I’ve had this problem since I was a kid. The only thing that helped was custom-made shoes.