my foot is turning out.

hi all,

i started a relapse last week, talk about great timing, i cant have steroids due to a horrendus reaction of “roid rage” the last time i took them. my poor hubby took the full rant of 2 hours of blaming him for every thing including the wet summer we had. as i have only a tentative dx my only help is my gp who is great and i do have the meds approved by my consultant.

the problem is a new symptom my right leg, the pain is worse than usual, it feels stiff and my foot is turning out if i concentrate i can keep it pointing forwards but then it goes out again. i saw my gp before this happened, but i was wondering if this is part of the relapse and should go as i get to feel better. any advise would help.

happy new year to everybody,

love lorraine x x

It sounds like it might be dystonia caused by spasticity? It’s not something I know a lot about so I may well have the wording wrong there, but I would think that something like baclofen might help a lot. (It’s a muscle relaxant.)

It’s possible that it’s part of a relapse, especially given the timing, so hopefully it will improve as everything else does.

Back to the GP I think.

Karen x