Things proper flaring up now

Well, this week has been rubbish symptom wise and now my balance is affected, so I think this is the tip of the iceberg and it’s gonna be a tough time. Ah well, I had a horrible feeling it was gonna be the case. Will try to see doc on Friday. I’ve not had a relapse treated before, what’s the usual drill?xx

I have no idea about relapses as I have PPMS, but (((hugs))). I’m sure someone else will be along shortly with advice, but you could also try posting in Everyday Living - that gets more traffic so you may get a quicker response there.

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hi beverly

really sorry to hear that- can’t offer any advice as new to this but sending a hug with my best wishes. you can get through this

fluffyollie xxx

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Thanks to you both :slight_smile: I’m over the initial ‘argh! I’ve got a relapse!’ And I’m a lot more relaxed. My physio is currently trying to pull a few strings I think I will just wait it out…I don’t like hospitals :s xx

I’m sorry to hear things are coming to a head, I don’t have any advice on treatment as I’m fairly new to this, but just wanted to send you kind thoughts and hopes you come out of this soon :).

Go steady on yourself, and be patient, take care,


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the usual treatment is a course of steroids.

i personally don’t want them because i have osteopaenia in my spine.

maybe you should try relaxing, keeping calm and making sure you have support from family.

hope it soon passes

carole x

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When I had muscle weakness I had a 3 day course of steroids - i just had to go in for about an hour each day and didn’t have to stay in overnight fortunately! The type of treatment depends on how severe the relapse is - I believe you are only allowed 3 steroid treatments a year so best to use them sparingly when you need them most. If it is affecting you badly enough then the doctor will probably recommend them or another course of treatment, depending on what the best option for you is.

Just keep calm and don’t get stressed out over anything - stress really aggrevates it for me, although it is easier said than done!

Good luck!

Let us know how you get on



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Thanks so much for the comments. Means a lot :slight_smile: I phoned my Dr, can’t get in to see him till next Friday. I’ve got some steroids in the cupboard from a while ago, still in date, I’m gonna pop those. I’ve not had steroids for a few years so should be alright. I’m a bit annoyed as I went to bed for a while as I’m so tired, and woke up and my legs feel heavy. I feel like I’m walking in water, so it’s looking like a bad one coming on :confused: bah! Isn’t it rubbish! I’m usually on the go and have had 8 weeks of feeling fab and over the last couple of weeks this is happening. It’s just annoying. I forgot how wiped out it makes me feel. It’s like when you’re over a relapse you forget how bad it was. Ah well, with this in mind I know I got over the last one which was horrendous, so bring it on! :slight_smile: cheers all and I will still be floating about on here. Take care xx

i’m really pleased you’re feeling more like yourself bev… hopefully next friday will be good for you, and have got everything crosssed. i’ve got my next appointment on tuesday, hopefully the lumbar puncture result so have fingers crossed for that too… will be thinking of you on friday :0) x

Hey you’ll be fine with the lumbar puncture. I think the title makes it seem worse than what it is. Keep me posted on how you get on. I’m not too bad, relapse still here, I get moments when I feel as if I’m drunk, slurred speech, loss of balance etc. I’m really pacing myself, doing things slowly and resting a lot.

best of luck for Tuesday. I hope it’s good news for you. Always here if you need a natter. Take care x

Sending you virtual {hugs} Beverly! From what you’ve written, I know how you feel! I get that walking in water feeling too. And who keeps turning gravity up when I try to go upstairs?! Have a lovely relaxing day.x

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thanks Beverly- as i say, just the LP result is due. the actual LP was less painful than the vampire whose job was to take my bloods, and twisted the canular whilst it was in. the air was blue with new language on the ward on that day i can tell you!

how are things today? hope you’re feeling better xx

Fluffyollie…hiya, I’m pretty rotten.the aural migraines have kicked in. Hey oh, parr for the course. I’m glad the LP went well, it’s not as scary as it sounds is it. I think the word ‘puncture’ is more annoying…if it was my bike, I’d try and patch it lol. Sorry to hear you had rough bloodsuckers. I’ve been quite lucky recently and they’ve been gentle; but that,I’m sure, was only to cancel out the naff job they did a while back when trying to put a cannula in and had to do it 8 (!) times before they got it. I was black and blue. Some are trained to be a bit evil :wink: I hope you’re alright now. If they do it again, I’ll get them for you ha ha. Xx

Reikiblossom…hellooo. Hope you’re alright. Hope you’re getting on alright with your chair. I hope it’s given you some freedom x what you said about gravity…hahaha! I think someone is taking the pickle out of me I tell you! Going upstairs; turning around; getting on the loo, off the loo… I think as well as turning up the gravity, I think it has room spinning as an option and additional light show. I bet it’s the old dear over the road. I bet she’s sat there with her binoculars, control in hand pressing all the buttons. I knew the sweet old lady act was a rouse. Haha. Hope you’re feeling alright, or at least manageable xxx

Hi Beverly, oh are you getting migraines along with everything else? I have some close family members that get really bad ones and I thought I’d escaped…until I started getting painless auras in late pregnancy. I haven’t had the pretty lights recently and only had painful migraines a couple of times since (that was about 5 years ago). Oh, I’m loving my wheels! Hubby took me out for a meal…haha…meal on wheels!!, to a proper restaurant. We had to park a few minutes walk from the place. He pushed me up hills and over awkwardly cambered pavements and I gleefully freewheeled downhill and tackled the rest whilst thinking how nicely toned my arms will be. I might feel a bit of a fake as I can technically walk about two miles, but for the fact that that has consequences, not all of which are immediate.It is lovely to be seated when the dizziness suddenly goes from 1 to 6/10. Oh, and my favourite backpack fits perfectly over the handlebars. :smiley:

hi beverly-

thanks for the messge- 8 times? ouch!

how did you on at the docs? x