Foot problems

Does anybody else get this? I can’t walk very far nowadays and also need a crutch. I do all my food shopping online but now and again I like to get a few things so set off with my trolley. Then I get excruciating pain in my good foot. So much so I can’t weight bare. I have to sit down for a while until it subsides. Is this ms? Or is it that my good foot has to compensate for my bad foot.

I am starting to think this is the beginning of the end of being able to walk even a small amount.

Mags xx

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Where is the pain Mags? If it’s the tendon running down from the ball of your foot to the heel, a tearing down the middle of your foot, it’s usually tendonitis which is caused by your gait. It’s treated in the short term with anti inflammatories like ibuprofen, and after that settles down you should get insoles to keep the arch of your foot up. I get it often and saw an orthotic about it. At other times it feels like someone has taken a baseball bat and broken or bruised the entire underside of my feet and that’s just ms playing silly beggars with your wiring. The only help there is painkillers and keeping your feet up.

Hope that helps.

Cath x

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Hi Cath,

Thanks for your reply. It’s a weird pain, I’ll be walking along then I get a feeling that my foot is crumbling and then the most awful pain kicks in so much so that you can’t push through it. I’ve seen myself holding on to the trolley and lifting the foot up to take the weight off it. It does subside then I can walk a bit further but it kicks in again. The only thing that alleviates it is rest and I don’t need painkillers. I am starting to think it is my gait. Looks like a visit to orthotics is required.

It is a dry day today. Yippee!!!

Mags xx


Yh I get that sometimes, it is the gait, the way you’ve adapted yourself to be able to walk at all .

Am experiencing a similar thing at the moment, so much so that it is painful even to put my foot on the floor. I describe this to fully able people as imagine you’ve had your foot amputated and are trying to walk on the stump. ( Im sure that would be much more painful and practically impossible ) But it kind of describes it well !!

I notice you mention the dry weather helping, I’ve noticed in this really wet winter all the pains are worse.

Looking at moving to spain, hot and dry conditions seem to be the optimum for MS, mine anyway !