Hi guys for several days now i have had ankle issues in my weak leg. Darn thing folded under me the other day it wouldnt hold my weight, now its aches and aches, up my shin too.

I did try and ring my MS nurse but so far no joy.

Just wondered if it was my MS as my leg is really weak. Using my electric wheelchair in house as its hard to stay upright. when i got up last night to use commode it went on me again and i ended up in the wall ouch.

I have bought myself a support for the ankle should get it tomorrow.

Really cant be bothered to see doctor it means going out and having to wait 3 weeks for an appointment.

Anything else i could do to help it.

I also have a problem with my weak leg. My ankle has a tendency to give way but my problem is caused by pronation/weakness. My right foot tips inwards which in turn tips my knee inwards. I had my foot xrayed as my GP was concerned I might have a stress fracture but nothing was found. I was prescribed orthotics which I wear with trainers to give more support. However if I spend too long on my feet my ankle still becomes painful and swells. When sitting I try to sit with my feet up. I also have osteoarthritis which does not help. Maybe a visit to the GP to discuss an X-ray or a referral to a podiatrist to see if orthotics will help? Hope it settles soon. Sue x

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Yeah, give us an update on your ankle, please.

Giving the amount of time that has passed since your initial post, I hope you’ve managed to sort your ankle out. You’ve injured your ankle and can’t put your weight on it. It hurts and is tender to the touch, bruised, and swollen. It could be a sprain, or it might be broken. The symptoms of an ankle sprain are a lot like a fracture, but you’ll need to know which injury you have so you can heal the right way. Often, patients with ankle instability can be treated without surgery by strengthening the muscles that control the ankle joint, avoiding high-risk activities, and using an athletic tape or shoe to decrease the risk of recurrent sprains.