ankle pain?

Hi, My ankle is really painful and I haven’t had an accident with it. My calf muscle is often tight and painful but today I was just going down a step when it was excruciatingly painful. It felt like I was going to pass out. Its now painful going down steps and my ankle feels stiff and like I can’t flex my foot. Has anyone else had this? Lynn

I saw my GP about this earlier in the week. She says it is the tightness in the calf coupled with the inability to flex the foot that causes the ankle (in the middle) to weaken. Not only do I trip over my own feet but my new trick is to end the show by going over on my left ankle. Mine is so sore tonight I could cry… she has referred me back to neurophysiotherapy as I had great success with it last year. really feel for you Lynn

Thanks for replying. Sorry to hear how painful yours is at the moment. When I think back to someone who told me that I couldn’t have ms because you don’t get pain with ms , I realise they haven’t a clue. Hope you get some relief from the pain. Lynn

you know though I was referred to go to the MS phsio group even though I am not diagnosed (in and out of limbo land) and the ladies welcomed me with open arms…but from spending time with them it seems you either have shed loads of pain or virtually none from speaking to them. Oddly enough my best friend who is a nurse said all along “I’m sure that pain is MS” …I guess each case is very different. Thanks Lynn.

i had this in both ankles for a few days during an infection. Calves felt fine, but I trained them last Tuesday (first time in weeks so didn’t overdo it), and they’re still very sore.

Hi all. Just wondering if foot/ankle orthosis would help?

Im waiting physio about my foot flop problems. But Im immobile, unlike you, when problems hamper your walking. Just a thought.


Mine went away, but may be worth a thought for everyone else x

I have a very tight calf and can’t flex my ankle well either, although the calf is much more painful than the ankle. Combined with my numb/painful foot, my walking is not good, although I am better in the day than evening/night when I really seize up.

Spasticity (ie tightness) along with weakness puts pressure on the joints. I have sore ankle and knee when I do too much. Basically the ms causes the spasticity and weakness -joint pain is really secondary.

Moyna xxx