Ankle/calf pain

Hi all, I’m currently waiting for a whole spine MRI (later this month) and referral appt from my neurologist to London hosp of neurology (partly for PoTS testing). Legs have been pretty stiff for a while but the last few days they’re pretty painful around the ankle/Achilles and up into calf when I walk. I was wondering if ankle supports might help (neurologist did point out that I have a high instep) and if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations?

get a pair of sporty looking ankle supports.

sports shops sell them.

i got a knee brace which fastens with velcro.

i gave it to my 99 year old grandma because she was upset at the nhs one she had been given.

she didn’t want to look old!

when her great great grandchidren admired it she was so proud.

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I’ll try those thanks Carole x

Bless your trendy Grandma lol!

Hi it might be worth seeing a podiatrist. I have orthotics to put in my shoes to help support my feet/ankles as my feet have a tendency to roll inwards which can cause pain when walking.

Sue x

A good physio should be able to identify the problem and suggest an exercise programme to help.

Thanks for all the suggestions - much appreciated!

I had that too and did xray and other tests for it but nothing was found. Physio sorted it no problem and recommended more calf stretches and did a dry needling technique to wake up the calf muscle. A muscle knot in the inner calf muscle was the problem. Try foam rolling the calf and roll your foot on a tennis ball. It might help you.

Thanks jimmy I’ll try the tennis ball (if I can find one lol… plenty of footballs round here but not quite the same effect!). If it stays a problem I’ll speak to GP about physio.

Yes, same here.

Well I went and got some velcro ankle supports and they definitely help (still have the other suggestions to work on). They had really long labels in so I cut them out. Now of course I want to know if they’re machine washable - and no labels! (Brain fog entry here??!). I will have to ask google - don’t want them going all loose and baggy! …thanks google/Decathlon… they are not machine washable - hand wash only - which means they will probably be able to walk by themselves before they get washed!

Do not worry I was watching the football yesterday and one of the players was being interviewed admitted that he had been wearing the same ‘lucky shin pads’ for 11 years and had never washed them!!! Now he runs around getting incredibly sweaty on a muddy football pitch so his are bound to be much dirtier than yours could ever be and he didn’t seem overly bothered ha ha!

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Oh well then mine are sparkly and fresh still compared to those shin pads hahaha!