Pain in ankle

Hi, I don’t know if anyone gets the same but my ankle really hurts near the boney bit that sticks out and around my lower part of the leg. It can make it impossible to walk then suddenly it goes, not completely but just leaving an aching feeling. I get muscle cramps as well in my calf muscle. Is this Ms or something else. I haven’t done anything to it but it is getting worse.

a y help would great



Hi Lynn

I get this too, it flares up when I have a virus, I also get the same pain at the same time in my knee and wrist but i don’t know if its MS linked.


It’s tricky cos I feel I can’t really go to the Drs with something that’s intermittent. And I feel like I’m always there!

Hi Lynn

I get the odd cramp and pain in the feet or lower legs. I have been on gabapentin for a number of years as I have both hips replaced and I think the cramp is partly down to the drugs too.

I do hot and cold.

Keep my feet/legs in a hot bath, hot water bottle or similar then a couple of hours later I put them in cold water or an ice pack. The difference in temperature seems to calm the cramps down.