Tight ankles

My ankles have become so tight I am struggling to walk (hobble!) at all.

Any suggestions for exercises or medication please?

Not really no, but mine are like that most of the time. Annoying, isn’t it?

Hope they ease up soon.

i get very swollen ankles and was told it was because i dont walk anymore,the lack of use of my calf muscles mean that the water ‘pools’ around my ankles and feet, i used to help it by going on my excercise bike for a few minutes 3 times a day, but i cant do that anymore,so have to just to cyclying type excercises in my bed,the warm weather makes it worse too.

Hi I’ve had this feeling since before Christmas not a nice feeling at all, and feel even worse when there cold, making walking very difficult. It sucks does MS but nothing we can do apart from hope it goes soon. Sorry not been much of a help

I also suffer from this and like bambi mine gets worse when my legs get cold (which is most days this month!)… I was told to rotate my ankles several time a day - I do abot 3/4 turns clockwise then anticlockwise one leg at a time - sat down usually - about 6 times a day - I also sit and move my feet heel to toes to stretch the calf muscle regularly - simple excerises and I do find it helps.

Soory but Im in the and me pool.

It is a major reason for me not driving as they fatigue so quickly aswell.

I have baclofen for the tight calfs but it doesn’t help my ankles.

Stretch,stretch and more stretch is my approach to helping but I’m not sure it does long term but as I do them it is at least a different feeling.

I have a new physio appointment after Easter as my ms nurse was concerned about my gait.If he comes up with anything I will post it.