While I was on hols last week to my beloved Gran Canaria, for the first time ever, my ankles ballooned in size. So much for the new strappy flats I’d bought…not a chance of getting them around my trotters.

I put it down to the heat at first, 30c+, but despite soaking them in cold water, (My feet, not the sandles) nothing changed. Been back four days now and while they aren’t AS swollen, they still don’t look like my feet. Google says it’s part and parcel of ms and immobility. I try to rotate my feet if I can and rock heel to toes. Not much help really. Any suggestions people please?

I’m wearing some ankle support braces for this exact problem.

Very comfy & your heel toes, can still trot in sandals.

I personally think it’s due to inflammation of the veins that guide the electrical signals. MS is said to be a problem with the charge of the bodies battery & impulses that stimulate muscles. The ankle braces feel fantastic after a night in a freezer on hot days. I’m no Dr, just an average Joe, with PPMS. The experts get paid to steel others ideas & solutions.

Common sense, lacks in idiots.


Hi poppy, I’m the same this has happened to me the last two summers. I just don’t recognise my feet. When I am in the house I go barefooted which helps a bit but I don’t have any answers. I think it’s the heat. Whilst I would never say I hated the summer it certainly makes a challenging time of year.

Although my mobility isn’t great I’m not a full time wheelchair user so my feet does get some exercise.

I have a wedding in Ireland in a fortnight and I don’t know if I’ll be able to put on my shoes. I’m bringing my old sandals just in case.

Mags xx

Hi Mags, the ankle supports are supper thin & come in many colours. Athletes use them in tight shoes.

Have a lovely time at the wedding in Ireland.

I can see a Guinness from here.


I know that as you get older the ease with which your body pumps fluid (blood and lymph) starts to falter. This can result in problems with feet and ankles. Add to this the fact that maybe you are not as mobile as you were, PLUS the heat and i’m pretty sure that this is what can happen.

My brother is having problems with the skin around his lower leg/ankles at the moment and the docs have recommended exercise (because that shifts the fluids) and whenever possible elevating the legs. He has actually propped up the bottom end of his bed so that his feet are elevated all night. It’s definitely helping so perhaps try elevation?

Ppms here too. Liking the sound of colourful ankle supports. :slight_smile: where can I buy them?

Trying the elevation, doesn’t seem to be helping much yet.

Ah, an Irish wedding. :slight_smile: A three day event! The actual day of the wedding, the “afters”, where the couple have an informal day spending time talking with their guests, some who will have traveled from far and wide. The third day is for the lingering few and saying farewells. Enjoy the craic.:slight_smile:

Is that your new chariot Tel?


If you can get anyone to give you a lymph system massage, it will help.

You need to massage the ankles and go up towards the heart.

Immobility causes lymph system to look around ankles.

I have the same problem.


Thanks Polls. I re trained in Beauty and Massage as a “mature student”, so know about that. When I was 50 I figured I needed a new challenge and handling warm bodies made a change from what I was used to! (I was the oldest person in the class, youngest was 17 and average age of group was about 23. Quite an experience that!)

I usually have reflexology sessions every Wednesday but have missed a few. The MS society group near me closes for the summer now. :frowning:

Hey there Polls, I have a Nissan Micra currently, but I want a van type vehicle to go Kayaking & to prepare for what is going to happen.

The pic is a Fiat Scudo & it’s what I’ve been interested in. My twins daughter is disabled & I’m classed as, so needs must.

Tried a few mobility scooters & gone mad at how much trouble they’ll cause me. There’s steps everywhere! Hence the need to get out to somewhere flat & scenic. Away from the local gossip cabbages.

According to them, I’m making my problem up, because I steer well clear of their mentality. Which is very grim & dim.


Ebay 5 to 10 squid. Depending on what sports you intend to do.

Search ankle brace & you’ll see millions.

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