Swollen ankles.

Hello. Over the past twenty years I’ve been quite stoic ove the gradual deterioration of my not so heavenly body and its ability to funtion normally. At the moment however I am really fed up of having swllen feet and ankles. I am not part elephant man. While I’m not too vain to be bothered by its unsightliness, it’s affecting my ability to drive with the way it seems to stiffen up my right ankle. I would be really grateful for anyone else’s thoughts or experiences. Good wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve,

My ankles get a bit swollen towards late afternoon/early evening, after getting up typically at about 7.30am.

I know this would have a pronounced affect with the ability to ‘flex’ my right foot and thus make it difficult to drive …I therefore try to ensure all my driving is done by roughly 5.00pm.

I’ll be ‘trialling’ FAMPYRA very soon and sincerely hope this is one aspect of MS that the medication improves (…actually, I’d like it to completely cure MS and make me rich & handsome to boot!! Asking for too much? )

If it enables me to be more mobile, that would be brilliant. As it is, I - and no doubt many others - find it physically hard work to walk even a few yards. It’s like trying to walk through syrup instead of air, with the amount of physical effort it takes!!

Unfortunately, I suspect the only way to avoid swollen feet & ankles is to be physically active and therefore burn calories & avoid fluid build-up …which is often nigh-on impossible for us MSers.

I’m hoping this FAMPYRA will help a lot.

So sorry that I can’t make any helpful suggestions for you, Steve. Maybe FAMPYRA would help you?


Hi Steve,at the moment my ankles and feet look like a pregnant hippo’s.The weather doesn’t appear to ba a factor,but the swelling is a build up of fluid which allegedly ‘oozes’ from the blood vessels,and there is not working properlyness in the Lymphatic system.I’m totally immobile so the only sort of flow I can use is gravitational.

I’ve got one of the bottom corners of the mattress raised by 10-12 inches(Sorry Brussels,no I’m not),and I am the proud owner of an ‘Electric Chair’.That’ll be the type that tilts backwards and lifts my feet as high off the floor as is practible.That allows Dear Old Sir Issac’s invention to come into play.

My feet are permanently painful and the swelling worsens it due to my feet filling the snow boots which I wear unless it is Scorchio,when I’m playing out. A long time ago size eight was satisfactory for any footwear,but now size 12 is more like it.Even if I could walk,I wouldn’t 'arf struggle,and possibly swear even more.

I have tried Water Tablets called Furosemide?,but at ‘Their’ dosages nowt happened.At my dosages there was a bit of widdling,but not much more than a mug of filter coffee will generate.Guess which goes better with a cigarette?

Be lucky,


Hi, are you still fully mobile? I ask because due to my lack of mobility, I also have swollen ankles and feet sometimes too.

District nurse advised my lymphatic system isnt working. Apparently, even when we lie down, our blood is pumped around the body by the heart.

But the lymphatic system only works when we walk or move a lot.

Compression socks can help.

luv Pollxx

I’m starting to get swollen ankles too. I asked my physio about it and she said it was a result of my circulation slowing down because I’m not doing enough exercise. I am trying to do more - hard because my walking is really poor (I can’t walk more than about 20 yards). Just doing 10 minutes a day of stepping up onto the bottom stair, down again and up again will make a difference, if you can do it.

i bought a circulation booster (about £150 but you can claim VAT back if you have a chronic illness)

i havent used it much recently but will start again soon.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,I’ve just been swinging through the Jungle and found a calf massaging gizmo for £38 delivered. I’m giving this a whirl as I can’t bear to have anything acting on my poorly trotters.I might have to write two customer reviews.Just thought, it couldn’t be for baby cows…Could it?

Wb x