Swollen ankles

Hi, Need a little advise, I’ve been diagnosed with spinal MS for about 4 years now, but until now have not really suffered with swollen ankles. Just wondering if anyone else suffers like this…btw my ms affects my left side and this is the ankle most affected …taken ibuprofen and hasn’t done anything.

Are you sure it’s not the heat?

I had to google Uthoffs after I first saw the neurologist, I know shower instead of that nice soak in the bath I used to enjoy so much. This weather has really made me (and quite a few others by the sounds of it) suffer. My ankles are burning and the skin feel tight, they often ache in the evening but this is worse.

Try a cold compress, at least that might help take down the swelling - that’s what you’d do if you’d injured it.

Hope you feel better

Sonia x

Sonia’s right… probably the heat.

Get your feet up higher than your hips… either by piling pillows on the bed or sitting in a chair and putting feet up on chair with cushions on.

Keep them like that as long as you can… should take about 24 hours to bring swelling down…

Keep as cool as poss hon and drink lots of water.

Pat x

I started suffering from swollen ankles a couple of months ago -before it got really hot. My physio says it probably indicates my circulation is getting worse as I get less able to do exercise. I am pretty gutted about it.

Thanks for suggestion, tried everything, went to my gp who gave me a course of steroids (quick fix) and told me not to use the ibuprofen they can cause water retention… Now he tells me! Anyway 2 weeks later, ankles have gone down, but still got another week to go of feeling sick and upset stomach, side affect for me using steroids, never mind can’t have everything! He’s given me enough till I see the neurologist on Thursday, lets see what he can tell me. Oh and also I’ve been told it maybe the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and that can cause the pain and swollen ankles, never rains less it pours!