Damned heat, sorry but it’s toooooooooooooooooo hotAny suggestions for swollen feet/ankles? MI’m pretending to be cool I’m actually Not angry but hot, take care folks, be safe M

I can’t wait for it to cool down M. My MS hates the hot weather - my legs hardly work and my left arm is really weak. Couldn’t tie my hair up yesterday as my arm wouldn’t co-operate. Sorry for the moan! Look after yourself, Teresa xx

Btw M - I would think it might help to sit with your feet in a bowl of cold water - this may help you to feel cooler generally, as well as helping your feet! Teresa xx

Tell me about it!

I’m ok in the mornings as the sun is on other side (flat faces west)… but come early afternoon… ooooooh!!!

Swollen feet / ankles… M hon you have to get your feet higher than your hips. So get those legs UP in any way you can… pillows, chair, anything. If you have recliner try putting some pillows on the leg bit to get your legs up higher. Or better still, lie in bed with legs and feet on pile of pillows.

Keeping cool… well I’m just doing what I can. Wear very little, blinds or curtains closed, fan on (and if you haven’t got a fan… get one!). Cool drinks. Don’t cook anything!!! (salads till you’ve got lettuce coming out of your ears) OR microwave only!

Teresa’s idea is great… I’ll try that later.

Keep cool Golden Girls… and Boys of course!!!

Pat xxx

I agree with Teresa, sit with your feet in a bowl of cold water. It really helps with swollen feet/ankles and cools the rest of you down too.

Cheer guys, I’ll have my feet up and then later in a bowl of cold water. Damned weather

Shame you can’t have your feet up AND in a bowl of water.

Hmmmm shame Isaac Newton invented gravity really…

Pat x

Oh no! my fan has decided to stop working! bucket of cold water it is then girls! Teresa.x

oops! I meant bowl not bucket! Got visions of us all sat with feet in a bucket now!

What are we like? I conformed to Isaac Newton’s rules although getting it the wrong way round would have been wonderful for 1 nano secondKeep smiling it actually involves fewer muscles! = Less energy? This in theory should work really, really well. Stay safe guys

Be care, be safe - I was also having trouble putting weight on my left leg, it’s Phlebitis, correct spelling? I hadn’t mentioned the pain or not able to put weight on it but there you are, there is always something waiting to bite us Happy days guys, feet/foot up!M

Hi al. l have feet in cold water, fan on, blinds closed, beens on toast for tea, ice cream for pud. hot weather due to be hot all week. Wish we lived on the coast its a little cooler they say not in the towns 88f in the shade in garden. l look forward to the cooler weather love to all Jan xx take care

Novel new approach here - my husband is having a clear out, I’m currently reclining with a chain-mail vest draped over my ankles… it was great for the first 5 mins but it’s starting to warm up now, I think the bowl of cold water is sounding like the best idea right now.

I would love rain right now

Sonia x

Or even snow! Anything to cool things down - I’m not picky! Teresa xx

Maybe a trip to Canada for me and Teresa when I win the lottery (ok, stop laughing now, I wish!) - Icy rain would really go down a treat right now, it stings a little but my ankles would REALLY love it right now.

Besides, I’m getting used to feeling little stings - this evening (probably as I’m really unsteady), I’m really using the whole step when I attempt the staircase and I’ve felt the carpet gripper on my toes a couple of times, ouch!!!

Sonia x

I’m officially intrigued ‘a chainmail vest’ Sonia? It makes me think Lord of the Rings much more interesting than a bucket of water. Keep cool M

I agree with you…this heat is just awful, but we have the blinds

down, no hot food, loads of water, feet up, and they are still swollen.

Last week by the sea it was bearable with the lovely sea breeze, but

back home it’s awful.

Sorry to moan, especially to those who enjoy the hot weather, but cool

rain would be lovely.

Take care everyone

Pam x

My brother-in-law is in Canada on business atm and apparently it is even hotter there now! When there is snow there it’ll be cold again for me and I’ll want to get warm. I’m such a moaning Minnie in this weather. Good idea Sonia but the Arctic would probably work better right now! Teresa xx

I’d love to give you a far more respectable reason, like we were involved in some sort of period war role-play or drama… but no, it’s from when we used to go clubbing. It wasn’t unusual for us to go to Torture Garden 5 years ago, what with age and now THIS, I have a LOT of ebaying to do. I also taught pole-dancing for the last 7 years so have loads of shorts & heels.

For that matter, I have too many office clothes that are too big as I lost weight (can’t throw those as still hoping to gain that elusive half a stone that won’t come back!).

So yes, some weird and wonderful clothing that’s not likely to see the light of day again.

Keeping some shorts though, whilst I can’t carry a cup of tea from one room to another, weirdly, I can deadlift into an upside down pose on the pole! I don’t want to loose that strength since my legs are now pretty bloomin useless.

Oops, sorry, waffled a bit there :wink:

Sonia x

Well Sonia thanks for that explaination, I loved it I lead a very boring life in comparison, probably before MS too! The pictures in my brain are amazingTake care and be safe I don’t know what A&E would say about any injuryM