I just want to be cool.

Isn’t it the strangest thing?

For the whole year I’ve been trying to keep warm-especially the two ice blocks I call feet. But after last weeks roasting on medium to high, (especially Wednesday) I’m craving cool. I could actually go outside and sit in the cool rain. Somehow it’s far more attractive than sitting in a cold shower.

Crazy days. Best wishes, Steve.

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tried that but the midges found me you’d have thought someone had announced an all you can eat menu by the number of the little blighters that zoomed in on me.

I thought my cat had become very loving the other day but soon realised that he was only sitting on my knee to keep cool in front of the electric fan I had working. While Toby stayed cool I became hotter and hotter he is like a hot water bottle (squidgy cuddly and slightly rotund)

Today it is sunny windy and raining all at the same time and even though it is cooler I still feel hot.

Stay cool and there is more warm weather to come Sue


I saw a post on facebook yesterday from someone in an MS group… saying her feet had recently started feeling burning hot and anyone have any advice.

I didn’t answer because I don’t have any advice. I’ve had it for years, esp in evening, and nothing seems to help. Thought my reply would be too negative. How on earth do you say to someone ‘learn to live with it’?

There’s nothing queerer than folk with MS…

Cool and breezy in London. Nice!

Pat xx

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Crushed ice in a tray of cold water & dunking in your bare feet might give relief. Or gel, shoe sized pads from a freezer. Placed in footwear. Maybe a handy cold mist of water spray. The imagination is useful in times of need.


Hi Everyone.

I think I have been a bit more fortunate with the weather being in the NE Scotland we have only had one really hot day. That was bad enough. Felt awful all day. I’ve found dealing with the ants in feet syndrome is to go barefoot. I even went barefoot outside to hang the washing out. Saying that, I couldn’t put on footwear if I wanted to as feet swelled like tree trunks. Not a good look.

Have you got the blinds up yet,Pat?

Mags xx

The blinds are up today… but in the hot sunny weather they were firmly down! They are wooden so really act like shutters and keep the sun out!

I honestly wouldn’t mind a north facing flat. I think I’ve become a bit sun-phobic!

Pat xx

I like the idea of no shoes for the ant feeling unfortunately my ants are in my pants area and going completely pantless will be frowned upon cant get into my nightie soon enough

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The morning sun shines into our front windows. I sit passively with my newspaper. Jo opens the curtains and it’s like Dracula exposed to daylight. Screams and shrinks into a ball.

Then there’s taking the top off a bottle that’s been in the fridge. Getting hold of something cold makes the flesh creep.

As for putting something cold directly on my feet; I could convert a try from the half way line.


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My feet are either like blocks of ice or burning as though on fire.

Can’t win, there’s no middle ground for me.

Windy here to day, rain this morning, sun since lunchtime, my poor flowers have taken a battering.

Pam x

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It’s been cooler in my neck of the woods the last couple of days, I have to say it’s been a relief for me and I’m sure a massive relief for those knocking a ball about at Wimbledon.

Jan x