Two for the price of one

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Some people are bi-lingual.

Some people are ambidextrous.

Some people have two cars.

But I am bi-thermal.

I’m sitting here comfortably in a t shirt with a blanket covering my bottom half.

I cannot seem to convince my legs that it is actually hot.

Hey ho.


Hi Steve

I am in a t-shirt and hubby just said to me “your arms feet and legs are freezing”…just the norm was my reply.

Take care

Pam x

Me too Steve at night in bed my body is too hot but my feet are like ice blocks . Michelle and Frazer xx

… and I thought it was just me, although it’s been a glorious day and temperature-wise I was fine but as the afternoon progressed I got colder and colder. I’ve now got pj’s, dressing gown and fluffy slippers on.

Tippy x

MS is certainly a Bogoff Plus disease.

You are conned into buying MS and soon after a shedload of unwanted crap lands on your doormat.

Has anyone invented thermal shorts and thermal sandals?

It’s enough to give one the PIP!


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Ditto Michelle, my family though I was nuts yesterday, I had on a summer dress with slipper boots, like ugg boots but my feet were still frozen!

take care,

Nina x

My feet are constantly hot, anyone want to swap?

Jan x

Yes please!!!

Tippy x

One of each maybe.

Jan x

Much the same, stayed indoors to stay cool… but still had to stop for a foot rub when I noticed I had purple toes on my freezing right foot. I still struggle to work out temperature - I usually have o touch something one hand a a time, just so I can make my mind up. Sonia x

Does anyone have a problem with touching cold things?

I can’t do it with my left hand.

It’s murder putting ice in my bourbon.

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