Thank you hellMS, nice to know I can still cheer someone else up, we all need a chuckle - anyway I agree, life definitely won’t seem so exciting with MS mainly cos self-sufficient is so damn hard! Most things I’ve done that aren’t boring were by accident, I’m a total nerd in some respects - even with the pole I am technique, technique, technique! I was a VERY bossy teacher :smiley:

If this works (it’ll probably disappear!) here’s a link to a picture of me, it’s from 2007 but easiest link I could find :slight_smile:


Sonia x

WOW Sonia!!!

Impressive stuff!

Pat x

Sounds like enormous fun Sonia! Teresa xx

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is SO much fun and I miss my girls so much, I cut from 2 classes to one a week at the end of last year as I was starting to struggle with it. In March I stopped altogether, mainly cos I couldn’t stand up after a bath one evening (I had never even heard of Uthoff back then) so cancelled my class and told the gym I was gonna take a break til I knew what was going on - obviously I never went back :frowning: It’s weird to think that a year or so ago I was teaching 3 classes a week on top of working full time.

I’m waiting for things to get a little cooler so I can try again… I can lift myself pretty easily but can’t spin too frequently and can’t do any nice steps anymore. I am gonna try to concentrate on what I can do and try to do that well :wink: My flexibility needs some work too, I could put my hands flat on the floor when standing and now I can’t touch my toes grrr

Sonia x

Seriously impressedM x