Probably not MS Help can anyone tell me why my ankle keeps swelling up!

Hi everyone

Just wondering why my left ankle swells up every afternoon. Yes I do take Amitriptyline and have been taking it for at least 5 years without side effects except for a slower brain.

I did have a tumble last Saturday, when my rollator decided to tumble down into some buses and I followed a… over t…, it took 4 people to haul me up but I didn’t hurt myself at all, or so I thought.

There is obviously some fluid build up but my right ankle is normal.

So if anyone can give me and ideas, I’d appreciate it.

Just one ankle Corkie?

That sounds odd. Maybe you’ve done some damage when you went A over T last weekend.

If it were a drug related thing I’d expect it to be both.

Although thinking about it, my right foot & ankle often swells up more than the left. I put that down to foot drop, ie the right foot is so much less mobile than the left, that maybe the circulation isn’t quite right.

So, could it be a circulation thing?


Difficult to identify a cause as you have a couple of things going on there, but resting with the foot higher than heart should help reduce swelling and applying a pack of frozen peas is a good idea.

I find a power plate improves circulation and might be worth trying if you can get access locally.

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Hi, I get swollen ankles a lot and one can be more swollen than the other. I had a Doppler test and the blood flow was OK.

I am totally immobile, so thats why I get swelling.

They say when you are not actually walking, you should have your feet raised higher than your heart! But not being a contortionist, that’s difficult to do when in my wheelchair!!! Sorry, just laughing at myself!

Ask your gp to check it out hun.


This’ll be where the gymnastics comes in handy Poll!!

Sue X

Thanks for all of your helpful replies folks, I suppose I should see my GP.

I’ll try that bag of something cold and icy tomorrow, take care all Wendy x

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Don’t put the ice directly on to your skin though, as it might cause a cold burn. Best wrap your ice bag in a cloth before putting it on your skin.

Thanks Whammel, I’ve decided it’s a mild sprain as it’s starting to ache a bit now, I’ve got an ice pack in the fridge and will wrap in a t towel.

Wendy x

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