Morning everyone, hope you’re all as well as you can be, I’m a little anxious about this, yesterday I had the feeling we’re all get, numbness, I had this on the right side in my arm and leg, really uncomfortable, then my ankle just swelled up, now not a great deal, but enough for me and my hubby to notice, with this some of the veins on my feet really stood out, now during the day I had eye pain, and a headache, this morning the numbness is still there but the swelling seems to have gone down, last night I really didn’t know what to do, I don’t normally get anxious like this, but it did bother me, now just to say I had my circulation check about 6mths ago and my GP said it was good, could this just be MS, I don’t know, any advice would be gratefull, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean,

I think you need to see the doctor.

Although the sensations you describe could be consistent with MS, the swelling does not sound right.

MS, as you know, affects nerve signals to and from the brain. It would be rare (I won’t say impossible) for it to cause visible swelling on the outside.

It might be that reduced mobility due to the numbness has simply led to a fluid build-up. But I think it needs checking out, in case it has nothing at all to do with MS.


I’m with Tina - best to see your GP. It might be MS, but it doesn’t sound very typical.

Karen x

Hi Jean, I agree with both karen and Tina. Sudden or unusual swelling should be checked out.

Hope you get some relief soon.

When lying on my back in bed, my right leg and foot often go numb…with pins and needles too …yet they are really uncomfortable and somehow painful…I can`t understand how something which is numb, can also hurt.

Weird lot, aren`t we?

Let us know how you get on, eh?

luv Polllx


I would advise you to see your doctor and ask to be referred to a specialist, maybe a rhumatologist or neurologist. Some thing is not right and the local GP’s are not experts in everything. Good luck

Janet x.