Could this be classed as a relapse?

On Sunday I woke up with a ‘strange numb’ feeling in the bottom of my right leg and in my foot. Did not think much of it but by Monday night the pain was intense. Hubbie said foot looked swollen and wanted to take me to A & E I was in that much pain. Told him no point as I get numbness and strange feelings all the time, but this was differant. Tues am I went to the supermarket it got worse so came home and rang Gp, they had a cancellation so saw me later that day. Did not see my normal Gp, he examined me and said it was nerve pain, he would normally give me Amitraline but could not as I was now on Pregablin. He said he might had done an urgent referral to Nuero but not point as I was seeing him in 2 weeks anyway. Still have a terrible ‘buzzing’ in my lower leg and its painfull, my foot and toes feel like ice but are not cold to touch, my pulses in my feet are normal. Could this be a relapse? First major thing to happen was a totally numb left arm 18 mths ago, top part of arm still numb.

Hi Apple pad,

It is pretty rare for MS to cause external, visible swelling (although occasionally, if someone has very limited mobility due to MS, this could be caused by fluid retention).

It sounds more likely that you have injured yourself somehow.

If you hadn’t said about the swelling, I’d have agreed it’s a relapse, but that part does not seem to quite fit.

Was the swelling noticeable to your doctor, as he does not seem to have mentioned it in his diagnosis of “nerve pain”?


Hubbie thought it looked swollen but I didn’t and dr didn’t say anything. So I would take swollen out?

Well, if you didn’t think it was swollen, and your doctor didn’t either, and he couldn’t find any evidence of injury, then yes, I guess a sudden outbreak of numbness and pain lasting more than 24 hours would be a relapse. UNLESS you have an infection of some kind, which can sometimes cause a pseudo-relapse (flare-up of symptoms, but not genuine - resolve as soon as the infection does).


I’m with Tina. If it was swollen, then unlikely to be MS. If it wasn’t swollen, then very likely to be a relapse. Sorry :frowning:

Karen x

Ok, thanks for that. Going to see Neuro early May so I will ask him and as I went to Dr it is on my record. UnDx as yet, got a list of symptoms and have several numb bits and things which point to MS, but my brain and xs pine MRI was clear last year. Nuero at local hospital is not an MS specialist so will see what he says. My Gp has said she will reffer me to an MS specialist at another hospital if I am not happy with my next appointment.