One Leg Swollen

Hi Folks,

This is a strange one, I always have one leg swollen and as I have many different things wrong I was wondering if it is a typical MS symptom or it is connected to my other diseases, even though I’ve never had it before?

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.

Janet x

Hi Janet,

External swelling is not a typical symptom of MS, because, as I’m sure you know, it’s a disease of the central nervous system, which does not show at all on the outside.

The only thing I can think of is that some people with limited mobility do develop swelling (oedema), purely from sitting or lying in one position for long periods. Fluid can build up, and fail to disperse naturally, because of the lack of movement.

Any unusual swelling in a leg should be investigated, because occasionally - though not usually - it can be linked to something serious. It’s probably just water, but best to get it checked out, just in case.

You don’t say what other conditions you have, so I don’t know whether it’s more likely to be one of them. Don’t think it’s likely to be a direct symptom of MS though.


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Thanks Tina,

My other diseases are Ankylosing Spondylitis, Lupus, osteoporosis and APS.

But I think you are most likely correct as I cannot move about to much.


Hi, I spoke to a reflexologist about this and she explained that our hearts pump our blood around, with or without us moving about.

BUT our lymphatic system needs us to walk around to work. She did show me how to massage for that.

BUT even more importantly, she said you need to make sure you have nothing like a dvt first.

So my advice, would be to see your GP.

luv Pollx

Hi Janet,

Can only reiterate whats been said above, but want to wish you a speedy recovery. I too would go see your gp or have them visit because swelling needs to be investigated no matter where.

Take care,



Thanks Tina, Poll and Bren I will most certainly take your advice and see my gp.

Janet x x

hi, just to let you know that i have the same problem. went to doc. who prescribed diuretics - great weeing all morning and with mobility problems also bought incontinence pads to cope with the expected accidents. also had hosp. appts. to rule out any underlying problems and doc. confirmed that as i wasn’t mobile it was normal for fluid to build up. pls. go to doc. to allay any fears that you may have. good luck

Thanks qprdee,

You have cheered me up enormously, I did wonder if that was the cause as it’s only the leg which is the troublesome one.

So gp here I come.

Many thanks again.

Janet x

I have been reading all your comments because I have just found that my left leg is swollen. So, following your advice, I have just rung the Doctors and arranged for a house call. Thank you you lovely lovely people.

pps, I was diagnosed with having ppms last september and I have used this site to educate myself about this horrible condition. Love to you all, especially when the “hug” is taking hold of you! much to learn about keeps me busy enough ha ha. xxxxx

What happened about the swelling ‘biggsy’? I have PPMS and a swollen leg, curious. M

…I imagine that after 4 years since they last posted to this thread, the ‘leg swelling’ has resolved either by itself or with GP’s help.

Either way, the fact that ‘biggsy’ has not posted any further, perhaps they don’t visit the MS forums anymore?



Hello everyone,

My Doctor called for an ambulance after she had checked my leg. After a 2 and half hour wait I arrived at Scunny a&e and was immediately treated. Blood taken straight away to check for something I can,t remember, but it came back ok so I got sent home. So fluid is the problem. The leg has gone down quite alot because I am trying to move as much as possible.

So all is well apart from blah blah blah blah ha ha !!!

It could be worse, I could have ppms, oh yeah, I got that already!.

Best wishes to you all.

You are right, I haven’t been on the MS site for about 4 years because I became depressed, confused and angry with all that was happening to me! I couldn’t speak rationally to anyone without becoming angry and that isn’t me, or it never used to be.

It’s taken me a long time to really come to terms with my PPMS and for the network of friends and family around me, I am eternally sorry for my actions!

You really can’t face this desease on your own and you need family and friends around you! A dose of humble pie can be a bitter pill to swallow, but that is another symptom entirely lol !!!

Hi biggsy. You`ve tagged your post onto a very old one. You could get more replies of you start a new thread. You could also post on the PPMS board. I have PP Spinal MS…I have also had a break from the forum but am glad to be back Boudsxx