Swollen leg

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all okay. Do any of you get swelling in one leg? I don’t have signs of a DVT or blood clot, there’s no pain, redness etc, but my left leg is normal but my trousers are tight and I have pitting oedema (when you press with your finger, the dent remains) on my right leg. It’s not just around my ankle either, it’s from my knee down. It came and went for a few weeks, but now it’s constant, even just after getting up in the morning.

It’s not obvious if you just look at my legs, but I feel the tightness, more so if I wear trousers. I hate going to the doctors if I don’t have to. If it was both legs I’d be less concerned as it could be the heat or from standing or sitting for too long. Any comments are appreciated.



Hi Cath Does it go down if you sit with your feet up? Just wondering if it is fluid retention. If it feels hot, goes red and painful best to let the doc have a look. Hope it sorts out quickly for you. Pam x

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Hi Pam

Thanks for that. It used to go down, especially overnight but it doesn’t any more. It’s not red, hot, shiny and there’s no broken skin, so it’s not cellulitis, DVT or anything else I can think of. It’s definitely some kind of fluid retention but it’s just odd because usually that occurs in both legs. I’m stumped!

I might have to see my gp or contact 111. I hate going to the doctor but I’ve got such a complicated medical history. But thanks. My thigh is swollen too as my trousers are tighter on my left leg. Oh well, such is life!!!

Cath x

My left leg looks like a balloon sometimes. I just raise it on a few pillows & make sure it’s relaxed.

I get frequent leg massages & use my circulation booster.

I’m no GP, but I do my best to avoid them.

Take it easy out there Cath.

Best regards Terry

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Thanks Terry. I stretch out on my riser recliner when it’s really swollen. I know we’re not perfectly symmetrical but this is silly. I see myself buying larger trousers, tapering the left side and adjusting the waist. Oh, what’s one more symptom when you have so many. I got an appointment tho see the surgeons finally and hopefully after my op at least some of these symptoms ease a bit. Fingers crossed, something to look forward to - the relief, not the op itself. Take care, keep that chin up. Cath x

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My right leg swells up much more than my left. Doctor doesn’t seemed too worried just gave me water tablets which didn’t help much.

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Hi Marya

When sitting try to have your legs elevated as this may help as well.

Pam x

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