One Leg bigger than other?

Hi, Hope you are all as well as you can be. Has anyone got one leg bigger than the other as I’m not sure if my leg (the size of an Elephant) is just water retention or connected to MS. I’ve made an appt with gp but that’s not until end of this month and have not yet met my new MS nurse. Any help appreciated. Janet x

hi janet

sounds horrible.

make sure you keep the circulation going.

make circles with your feet, twisting the ankles.

its bl**dy ridiculous the length of waiting time to see a gp

carole x

Hi Janet.
Personally I think I would be off to A+E just to make sure!
I don’t believe this is a symptom of MS and waiting till the end of the month to see your GP is just not on.
Can you not get an emergency appointment sooner?

Take Care!


That sounds like it could be lymphoedema, I would suggest pushing for an emergency appointment…

I would take it to A & E because it happened to my neice when she had a blood clot. That leg was much bigger.

Wouldn’t wait till the end of the month. How do you know it’s water retention? Also don’t assume everything is MS, we can have all the other conditions too.

Go today and good luck.

As Val and others have said - do take yourself off to A&E. Just to be on the safe side. l would have thought water-retention would effect both legs.

hi, let us know how you go on hun.

I thought of lymphodoema too. has this happened suddenly?


hiya janet

i do believe this is a symptom of my ms however i agree with others-do something and dont leave it…

i literally watched my right leg swell over a few minutes. spoke to gp at 6.30pm and saw him the next day. mine is due to poor circulation and not draining properly however please dont assume its the same for you. i have had the poor ciculation for 2 years now, tried nifedipine caused more issues than relief! so now i have pillow under swollen leg whilst in bed and use my recliner. also get carer and/or daughter to massage from ankle to knee 3 times a day. alot of medication used to reduce swelling lowers blood pressure and mine is textbook so dont want to start mucking about with that on top of everything else.

its not right to assume its ms as others have said but in my case it is. i suggest getting to know ur body and demand medical attention when u know something is untoward. (which i know is hard when newly diagnosed but persevere!)

i had my first chiropody appt this week where the checked all the pulses in my foot. the pulses near the skin are poor but the deeper ones are still working well so all this made sense to me and was backed up by real tests/checking. dont be fobbed off!

take care, ellie

ps sorry to disagree steve, i think it can be a symptom

Hi Ellie.

Don’t worry!
No offence taken.
I am not a fount of all knowledge!
But I do find it alarming when people assume symptoms are put down to the “wonderful world that is MS”!
When they could be completely unrelated.


hi again

i concur… now hymn number… lol


A big thank you for all your replies. I am not newly Dx and have SPMS, it’ s just I have recently moved, hence new doctors and at present no MS nurse. My leg has got bigger over a period of time and I just presumed it was water retention but now other half is getting worried. Have taken all your comments on board and will act on them. Thank you all once again. Janet x