Foot swelling issue

Can anyone suggest anything to help this problem I have?

My left foot swells - my left leg is my weakest one. But I don’t understand when it swells, why it swells. It seems to me that the more walking I do, the more it swells later. It’s like it has a mind of its own.

The GP gave me a compression stocking to try, but this made it worse.

Hi, whenever you sit, try to elevate your leg…preferably above the heart.


It might be a problem with circulation, in which case a power plate can help. Do you have access to a gym, or MS Therapy Centre, as they may have one you can use.

Hello LW.

I had that problem but the doctor reduced by doses of Amlodopine which I take for blood pressure. That’s worked very well. I also used to keep my feet up; It’s worth trying as many things as you can.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Thank you, all of you! You give me hope that there are things which can work, and I’ll try putting my feet up. Whammel, that’s a really interesting suggestion, thank you.


Having a life down in the afternoon on a bed with your leg on a pillow or two is better than sitting and elevating it as you can then get it higher than your heart more comfortably. If it continues to swell go back to the gp. There isn’t any rash, swelling or redness is there? That could be a sign of a skin infection (cellulitis). Also make sure you can bend your ankle as if pulling your toes up in the air while your leg is straight as that could be a sign of a clot in the leg (DVT). Pain in your calf while doing this may be a sign of that.

I’m not trying to frighten you but it’s just little things to be aware of when you have swelling in your legs. Most times legs just swell when you’ve been standing for a while but by not trying to reduce this swelling you could develop abovementioned conditions. If you notice any of the above please go to your gp as you’ll need treatment and with ms we all know how we respond to infection or inflammation.

Take care, hope it settles quickly.

Cath x

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My right foots is colder than my left one, my Doctor suggested that was likely nerve damage - it’s usually puffy compared with my other foot tho. I assumed it was related to the different temps…

Sonia x

I have this problem too and I do try to keep my feet elevated. I bought a new pair of shoes in September and they were fine but now I can hardly get on one of my shoes. I used to love my blingy shoes but now I’m just happy if I can get any of them on.

Mags xx

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Cath, I have no movement in my swollen foot whatsoever so moving toes upwards is a nonstarter, so do you think a trip to the Drs is in order?

Mags xx

Mags did you have normal (your normal) sensation in the foot prior to it swelling? I’m aware we all have funny sensations due to nerve involvement but I’d see my gp if the swelling caused an inability to move the foot, numbness or a significant change in sensation. You’re not diabetic are you? It’s so difficult with ms and the odd things it does to us but I’d just get it seen.

If nothing else it may put your mind at ease, you’ve nothing to lose. Please let me know how you get on.

Cath xx

Last year, my left foot started as being colder and pinker than the right one, and slightly puffy. Now it can become quite red and puffy. After the suggestions here, I tried lying on the floor with my foot over a footstool and that made it so much better - my foot looked normal again! It was a nice opportunity to enjoy the books I’m currently reading!

I’ll go to see a doctor or physio or something to get it looked at again. I don’t really understand why the problem’s happening, although I suspect it might be to do with muscle cramping restricting blood flow, or a circulation thing as suggested by Whammel.

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Lapwing it could well be something really silly like circulation but I’m glad you’re going to get it checked. Please let me know how you get on.

Cath x

Hi Cath,

Thanks - I will let you know. There’s no pain or anything, but you’re absolutely right about getting it checked. I’ll see the doctor next Wednesday at the latest.

Best wishes

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