Swollen and painful feet.

My feet often “claw” and are uncomfortable for me to walk on. (Imagine feeling like the Chinese noblewomen who used to have their feet bound and you get the picture)

Yesterday, however, my feet just ballooned to the point that I couldn’t get anything on my feet at all. They were painful and rock hard to the touch.

I have been keeping them elevated and making sure that I am keeping up my fluid intake and they have reduced in size but they are still not right and there is very little sensation in them. Do you think that some of this could be MS related? Is it is worth ringing my MS nurse?

I don’t think that the heat has helped with the swelling - and I have always has sensitive feet with some circulation problems - but the sensation problems are worrying to say the least.

My feet are just the same as yours very painful even laying in bed at night always feel like they are tightly bound up and swell so much that i have had to buy some extra large sandels. my doc has said that its circulation probs due too a large vein on one leg and the fact that i am not moving around so much since i had to give up work so he said move more and wear support stockings in this heat i said you must be joking , tried getting the stockings on and couldnt even get over my ankles as they are so painful, so went back and he gave me some anti inflamatries tabs to see if they work 4 weeks later and no better so i am seeing the MS nurse on thusday see what she can suggest. i can only let you know if she suggests anything but so you know i share your pain. Take care Katy

Thanks Katy. Hope that you get some help/ideas from the nurse.

To be honest, I haven’t been moving round as much as I used to - have a home-based desk-bound job and my general mobility has gone to heck recently so I haven’t been able to go out with the dogs etc.*

  • Just to reassure the dogs lovers out there, Bert and Daisy are still getting A+ walks from OH. (Far better walks than if I was there to be honest)
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i have recently tried a circulation booster-been using over 2 weeks now. what a difference! weak leg most back to normal colour and swelling much reduced. the leg doesnt mobilse any better but thats asking too much!

previously have tried nifedipine but that caused more issues. check with dr before trying. but for me it helped. worth asking maybe?


i have swollen feet and ankles due to me not being very mobile, i find that when i can get on the excercise bike for 4 to 5 minutes twice a day really helps, if you cant get on an excercise bike you can get just an excerciser peddler and sit in the chair to peddle.and also drinking lots of water helps too.

Hi my first post :slight_smile: My right leg swells often. My Dr tells me to take water tablets but they don’t seem to do anything. I also get odd brown patch on the foot that feels like elephantelephant skin and just looks odd. The strange thing is it seems to get worse when I lie down to when I sit up.Sometimes I fall asleep in the chair but my foot swellin wells worse from when I have been in bed. I suffer from MS & ME Has anyone else had this problem and if so can you give any advice? Thank you

I’ve got disgustingly painful feet due to damage in my brain stem causing neuropathetic pain,and the swelling I used to get was the icing on the cake.It’s taken a long time to work out but the swelling was caused by MOVICOL.This is a powder dissolved in water and it gets fluid into the colon to help soften the poo (technical term) and which helps bowel function.What it was actually doing was causing fluid build up in my feet and ankles and the poo was left to its own devices.

I’m totally immobile,can weight bear for ~45 seconds and can transfer from powerchair to whatever with care.Perfect conditions for swollen feet,but no more since I stopped the Movicol.The old bowels work occasionally,but that’s a fair trade for being able to get my boots on.

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Sometimes when I walk I get pain in my ankle joints and my feet hurt has anyone else been having this trouble thanks