Bad foot getting worse

Hiya everyone I’m currently worried about my foot . Over the last couple of weeks I can’t walk far on it . It gets very pain full and swollen . Some nights I can’t put any weight on it . It’s getting worse now and it’s scary . Any one been through this ?

It’s unusual for MS to cause swelling (sometimes lack of mobility causes a build-up of fluid, but you sound as if you’d been mobile right up until this happened, so probably not that…)

I suggest you get it checked, in case it’s not MS. Might you have injured it somehow?


Hi, mmm, maybe this is nothing to do with MS, if you are fully mobile. Anitra has said immobility can cause swelling…she`s right. I wonder if it could be due to the hotter weather we are having.

My feet are always swollen, as I am a full time wheelie.

Hope you find some relief soon.

luv Pollx

Hi My feet were masive a few years ago, 14 1/2 inch circumerance on each foot, and very painful. Never found out why they just went down but are still quite big. Saw physio who gave me some exercises to try and help so maybe you could talk to one about it too. Put me in a wheelchair then MS hit me, I was so lucky.

Hope you can get some help


Thanks for all your comments xxx Swelling much better now . Have good days and bad days with them Xxxxx