Stiffness advice!

Hi I suffered a drop foot last year which had recovered well as I have full power back in my foot…but for the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed when I bend my knee and lift my leg backwards my foot will not flex very well at the ankle and feels almost stiff which in turn had made my walking bad (although its never been great since the drop foot) it seems worse when I walk too much my foot slaps and drags had anyone had this and would a visit to the physio help…it’s just a bit worrying when you notice your walking getting worse or does this happen in ms sometime it’s ok and sometimes its not…I’m new to all this so don’t know if this means I’m getting worse or its just part of the whole ms thing!!! any advise much appreciated…thanks Emma xx

hi emma

you’re not the only one whose walking is getting worse.

i used my stick today for the first time since 2009

physio would help no end.

make sure its a neuro physio because they know all about ms and its problems

my ms nurse referred me to physio and OT when i was diagnosed

i’m fairly confident that i’ll be walking better soon and i work very hard on rebuilding lost muscle

carole x

Hello Emma

My physio was very good at analysing and advising with my gait. Sometimes however I just have to clump along with my stick. The best bit of advice I can give is to focus on your walk as you walk! Look ahead for any possible hazards. Seven years after diagnosis and certainly eleven years after the first signs, I was still enjoying gentle walks, taking my time over two or three miles. Take sandwiches! Walk as much as you dare but don’t over do it-just keep going with one eye on your foot. It’s impossible to predict what will happen!

Best wishes, Steve.


and just as you start to feel good about walking your bladder will embarass you!

Thanks Steve lol and I’m never far away from the loo!!..lovely disease this ain’t it NOT!!! But hey we just have to grin and bear it I suppose!!

yea emma

we’d be big headed if we didnt wet ourselves on a regular basis.

so i suppose we’re better people for it - if a bit soggy

carole x

Soggy is a good description of how I am at the mo…and from both ends! Apologies if that`s TMI…but we are all aware of how accidents can and do happen, eh?

Have you though about a foot up gadget? I tried an orthotic, but couldnt get shoes on with it!

luv Pollx

Hi carol my walking was good for a while but seems crap again maybe its just the way with ms I don’t know all new to this had nothing till last April until a drop foot came out the blue and although much better I can walk far and got a limp when I try and poll yes have a fes but its so hard to get into the right position on the nerve!!! At least I can walk so am grateful for that :slight_smile: xx