Swollen ankle

Both my ankles have become very swollen. Only noticed today. Is this m s related or something else?

Any help is appreciated .


Have you been doing anything out of the ordinary,or not, as in sitting around for long periods,new shoes,socks etc. Do you use MOVICOL to help your bowel activity.I used to and had swollen feet and ankles most of the time,but proved beyond all doubt that the Movicol was causing the swelling. Movicol may have a different name since the last round of buying cheaper products to help us all.

In the meantime elevate your trotters were possible and consider raising the foot of your bed to allow mother gravity to work her magic


It can be a side effect of some medication (I’ve a feeling Gabapentin can cause it, though I might be wrong on that). Also, if you’re a wheelchair user like me, then that could be a reason. You could speak to your doc or MS nurse if you’re particularly worried.

As Wb says, raise you’re feet when you can, and rotate your ankles too.


Hi John

My mobility has become bad lately and since then my ankles have become quite swolen and blue. I mentioned it to my physio and she said it was caused being less active and to try and exercise my feet by rotating them while I am sat. This is helping loads.

Try that.

Shazzie x