Painful Foot

Hello you lovely lot. I haven’t been on here in a couple of years and had forgotten just how good it is!

I have a new recent symptom and wonder if it is MS (or am I just getting old) and if anyone else can relate. I am suffering with excruciating pain in my right foot, which is making walking difficult. It’s under my foot, but also around the left side too. It’s much worse when I get up in the morning and if I have been sitting down for a little while.

I have been relapse free for two years and am really hoping this isn’t the start of one.

A physio should be able to check you out and identify the cause of pain, but that might not be available for a while.

The NHS site may help.

Thank you, I’ll give it a look.

I have agonising nerve pain in my left foot and toe. i could chop it off. my MS nurse told me it was nerve pain. but i do know others of my friends without MS get pain in their feet and there are conditions which can come on with age.

I have progressive MS. mine is usually worse when i have pushed myself too much.

if in doubt you could ring your MS nurse.

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I had the MRI and Nerve Conduction test, both showed absolutely nothing. So I have to accept it’s nerve pain caused by MS.

Best wishes

Jan x

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Funny, I get this as well - on occasions & just put it down to doing too much & nerve pain - can be annoying or the sign of a bit of a relapse, maybe.

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