Please help!

Excruciating pain on one heel when in contact with mattress at night! Neuropathic? Take minimal Amitriptyline. Don’t want to up chemical meds. Do Gel Heel cups work?

Any advice appreciated

Hi anonymous,

this heel pain must be horrific, sorry I don’t have any advice, I’m sure someone else will suggest something for you . Hope you feel better soon. Do you see a neurologist or an ms nurse , you could give them a ring to get some advice??

Does it feel painful to touch at any other time? I guess it depends on what is causing the pain, but you really don’t want to end up with a ruptured Achilles tendon and best get checked out by a physio, or GP.

Hello, I also get the most excruciating heel pain at night in bed. Mine is so bad I end up hanging my leg out of bed to ease the pain.



Thank you folks

Community Nurse says use a ‘Devon Boot’ or ‘Repose Boot’ (costly) but hopefully effective!

I have had a painful heel for around three years. Initially caused by pressure when in bed, I also get it if I tuck my feet under when sitting on the sofa or chair. At first it would happen for a couple of weeks then seemed to be ok for a couple of weeks but has been constant now for a couple of years. I have been to a physio and to a Podiatrist. No one can explain what is causing the pain my MS Nurse said not caused by MS my Podiatrist thinks it’s coming from my back. However he has had an ultrasound scan done to rule out Plantar Fasciitis sent me to a different Physio, who he said is the best in the area and I have to say he was very thorough. Podiatrist has now made an appointment for an MRI on my foot (28th January) and has ordered a nerve conduction test no date yet. It’s like having toothache in my heel which spreads round to the side of my foot, If they end up saying it’s MS I don’t know what I’ll do, I take 2,100mg of Gabapentin daily for other MS problems surely if it’s Nerve pain the Gabapentin would help. I find the only thing that helps a little is to keep my feet flat on the floor. I don’t feel it when I’m walking about only when I’m resting yet the more I’m on my feet the more pain I feel when I do rest. I feel no pain at all when my heel is examined and believe me they’ve tried their best prodding and poking but I can’t say it hurts when is doesn’t. Jan x

Hi, Ive suffered with this in both heels for years! Last night was another doozy! I bought a stout memory foam pillow and have it under my calves, with my heels hanging off it. But during the night my right leg slipped a bit, causing it to touch the mattress and it really does not like it! I adjust the knee break on my profiling bed but it stops my catheter draining. Oh joy of joys we endure, don’t we? District nurses have tried, lambswool protectors, gel ones and foam ones. Barrier cream doesn’t help either. I take 50mg of amitriptyline and it seems nothing but keeping the heels OFF the mattress is the only way to stop the pain. I even tried botox injections to no avail. Some nights it works. I have to ask hubby or carer to adjust my feet for me… Fun innit!