Heel pain finally eased

Afternoon all.

Well blumming ummer!

For some years I’ve suffered with heel pain in bed. My ever so tender heels cannot bear to even lightly touch the bed, or it caused pain. The past few months it has got worse, to the point of really poor sleep adding to general fatigue we all know a d love so well…not!

I have to raise my feet off the bed, with a stout pillow, but it slowly reduced in thickness and there was lots of shuffling, shifting and asking carers and hubby to re-ajust me!!!

I’ve tried sheepskin boottees , silicone ones, foam ones, different types of barrier cream, all to no avail.

Last year I tried gabapentin, but I suffered unpleasant side effects, so I came off that.

Well I’ve taken the memory foam mattress topper off and yeeeeeyyyyy!!! Problem solved!

All this time and I’ve sorted it !!! So now I just get a sore bum instead. The heel pain is worse than a sore bum.

We can’t have it all, can we, but at least I have some relief now.

Anyone else found a memory foam mattress causing problems?