Foot trouble.

Good morning all, for a long time I’ve had trouble with my left foot,my toes are numb and have movement only in the big toe,but lately it feels as though the all the rest of the foot is becoming glued together and as the day goes on it becomes more painful to move it,does anyone else suffer with these symptoms or something similar.


Good morning Sue.

Yes I have this. Both feet. I have had this 11 years now. The pain becomes more intense as the day goes on. At night I feel like my feet have wide bands of steel tight around them. They are boiling hot too. The numbness is spreading up my legs.

MS. Stinks at times eh.

I hope you find some respite.

Anne x

I get numbness in the feet , and also the tight feeling in the feet like their wrapped in rope !! You’re not alone :((

Talking of foot problems…my heels do not like touching the bed. So I`ve used a regular pillow under my calves, for years…replacing it as it thinned out…but the pillow would sink overnight, needing me to up and down the knee brake mechanism on my NHS bed. I regularly wake up with painful heels…burning and prickly. This week I got a pillow shaped article from Ikea. The first night, I felt comfortable for 3 hours…then pins ad needles struck. Last night I got no problems. Bliss! Night 3 awaits! Bouds x

Please stay here so we can discuss this. I am too developed foot drop and numbness in my feet 12 days ago because of stenosis. Despite I underwent lumbar fixation but still not recovered. A very faint big toe movement is noticed now. The numbness is horrible as I feel draging a mountain on my feet. Please offer help.

Night 3 was even better. Dare I say I think my problem is solved? Boudsx

Am so relieved as I was beginning to think it was me being silly as I wake up with just one heel burning and exceedingly painful. I can’t bare my heel touching the sheets, so like Poll I also have another pillow under my carves, it does work for a while and then insists I wake up.




I’ve had ms for twenty years and have tried various regimes

for this problem. This problem is less troubling now due to a combination

of 2200mg bottle of cbd oil. Three drops under tongue before you

go to bed. Relaxes you. Also plenty of foot massage and as much strength exercise

and walking as you can handle. This symptom is not nice and I found it hard to

get to sleep. Most nights are ok now. Hope this helps. Keep fighting.

Oh Janet! I am deliriously happy…I`ve suffered years of agonising heel pain…district nurses have tried a variety of things…all to no avail…lambswool, silicone and foam heel protectoors. Gel bed pads…but YES! This pillow thingy from IKEA has done the trick! Look it up…has a name beginning with an R…look under pillows. It is £19.99 plus £2.50 for a cover. Love it love it love it ps did I say it was good? Bouds xxxxx

Hello Poll, Pleased I made you happy and I’m happy as well. You have made it sane for me and I will look up IKE for the cover you kindly told me about. Best wishes JaneT x

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