Neuropathic Heel Pain!

Hi folks

I have had SPMS for 7 yrs & use a wheelchair for transport.

I get extreme pain on my right heel when in contact with my sheet at night. No sign of blister thankfully. Suffer from

spasms/spasticity. Any advise on heel protector please?

Take Amitriptyline 5mg & Baclofen.

Hello A Why do you not use a made up name so we know who we are speaking to. I have problems in bed with my ankles and feet, hurting and sometimes rashes. I used to go to a Dermatology Clinic and the doctor prescribed this cream for my seriously itchy feet and ankles. Clovate 0.5 mg/g cream, you only need a small amount and it is very effective. Ask your GP for it, I have a tube next to my bed and one downstairs for top up. I also have nodules on my left ear which I cannot get rid of and this cream is fantastic for that as well told I could have them removed surgically but would come back eventually Posted already on this because I have spasms and spasticity at night. Take Tizanidine 2mg every 2 hours Bertie

Hi Bertie

I need to elevate my foot so that the actual heel doesn’t have an contact in bed… so no pain. I’ve tried placing my foot on a pillow with the heel suspended over the edge, but spasms & restless legs soon kick the pillow overboard! I currently wear what’s called a ‘Devon’ bootie. Just wondered if anyone on this site had any prob’s or solutions to this? It’s only one heel it doesn’t itch it just hurts by pressure & friction with contact.

Yep a visit to GP…

I lay on my side so my heels don’t touch the sheet. I’ve tried small cushions / pillow etc but my legs just won’t stay where they’re put, so laying sideways on with a pillow between my knees is the answer. I invariably shift and lose the pillow, but it more or less works.

(I don’t consider this to be neuropathic pain, it’s simply friction/contact with the sheet.)


I have had a painful heel for a couple of years. MS Nurse says not MS, GP has no idea and sent me to Podiatry who in turn sent me to Physio then a few weeks ago I had an ultrasound scan which showed absolutely nothing? I go back to Podiatry on the 3rd Oct when an MRI might be considered. No one knows what it is.

If I rest my heel on the bed or my recliner chair the pain starts. I used to be able to control it by keeping my foot flat on the floor that no longer helps. It is a dull pain and it is constant, I can only liken it to toothache. I can walk about without pain it’s resting and pressure that trigger the pain When it’s really bad it is painful at the edges of my foot and goes up towards the toes.

Best wishes

Jan x