painful heels

My mum gets severe burning pains at back of her heels at night…nurse has checked for beddsore. Nothing. Moisturising helps a little sometimed. Any suggestions pleasr?

hello ms20955j, thats a funny name,

i had this burning deal some time ago,my only relief was to soak them in cold water, i had oil massage . but cold water worked best…

good luk, Julien

Before I was diagnosed in 2010 I remember talking to friends about how my heels/balls of my feet hurt. I thought it was just the gym. A week later I woke up in intensive care-a dramatic start to my ms journey. Thankfully it has been much quieter since then. Mark

Hi, I also get burning sensations in my heels. Mainly in the afternoons and at night. I find turning onto my side helps, if that is possible for your mum. All the best, Trevor

sorry no help,i get the burning heels too, have done for a few years now,was told it is because i am in bed such a lot,i try and take the pressure off by putting my knees on a cushion at the back of them,my OT also gave me some ballon like boots too,but they fly off all over,so i dont use them that often,they look like small lilos,you could ask your mums OT if she has one,i googled t them and they are very expensive to buy.

Thanks guys x

something like this woke me up a few nights ago, but I had this sensations only in my left heel. Never before had I experienced anything like this and I hope it won’t happen again, awful burning, pain and God knows what else

i get it too, all i’ve ever found that helped me was very loosely worn fleece socks seem to block the burning ‘message’ a little. sorry thats all.

wendy x

Thanks guys. I will let my mum know.x